AMBAZONIA INDEPENDENCE ACTION PLAN (updated version, 27th of Jan. 2017) Before you read the points…

2 years ago

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(updated version, 27th of Jan. 2017)

Before you read the points of the AIAP, notice that this plan is not giving out the secret parts of the plannings of the Consortium and (interim/exile) Government of Ambazonia and other leaders. It is just a general guideline for all citizens of Ambazonia, written by me, Christoph Hans Messner, an independent political philosopher with dual citizenship German-Ambazonian, in order to help my fellow contri pipo dem, the Ambazonians or Ambish or Ba Peoples, because they have just suffered too much under the tyrannic regime of illegitimate dictator Paul Biya, who is still a mere puppet of postcolonialist France and Switzerland, and because now is the time to beat Françafrique mafia down and build up an independent and defensable Federal Democratic Republic of Ambazonia (or Ambaland or Baland) once and for all time. This action plan here does not impose anything to anybody, everybody can pick and choose what he/she approves to, and the same goes for my draft of a new Constitution of Ambazonia. I am also neither prefering Anglophones nor Francophones in general, because for both there shall be a bright political future without any Biya and without any postcolonialist domination and exploitation! What helps the Ambazonians helps also the Camerounese in the long run, as two separate nations.

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Let’s make Ambazonia great again!

First, under the increasingly dangerous situation for the Ambazonians of being mainly unarmed on the one hand and being occupied by lawless foreign forces of a ruthless dictator, who doesn’t hesitate to commit any kind of human rights violation just to stay another year in power, after 34 (!) years already, the Ambazonian population has no chance to win the resistance fight militarily, but it has the legitimicy and power to resist by all means of passive resistance. UN conventions and international law explicitly allow these in the case of such a tyrannical occupation. Of course when you are largely unarmed and the hostile forces totally outnumber you, it is better to hide than to resist, and in general it is advisable to follow code red and never provoce the invaders directly. When military is near, Ambazonians may and shall use their right of self defence and passive resistance as they are an acknowledged, annexed, oppressed and marginalized minority by the foreign La „République“ du Cameroun, which is actually not a republic but an autocratic dictatorship. And the Ambazonians are even an UN-acknowledged independent people of „Southern Cameroon“ who have a right to call themselves differently from their oppressor’s name: Ambazonia (or Ambaland or Baland). Passive resistance includes all ways of civil disobedience, boycott of the political and economical institutions or products of the occupator Cameroun and colonizer France in the background, spreading counterpropaganda of truth against the propaganda of lies, and destroy, hinder, block, cut the occupator’s ability and will to use violence. All ways and means, which do not harm the physical bodies of the enemy’s soldiers, but confuse his orientation, cut his supplies, hinder him to move, neutralize his weapons, undermine his loyalty, make him defect, make him disobey orders, bring him before court, disguise his plans, tape his crimes, immobilize his vehicles, threaten his psyche, send him home, leading him into a maze, deceive his tactics, reveal his strategies, make him loose his clothes, blocking all roads including oil, timber & money traffic etc., all this is legitimate and rightout necessary. Especially cutting the access of Biya’s civil servants to their bank accounts and salaries is a very effective resistance method. Additionally, the Cameroun law explicitly forbids that citizens can be picked up by the military without the order of a court. But as Biya and his mercenaries do not listen to law anyway, hide really well, even your houses are not safe anymore, so listen to the advice of the leaders. And parallel to the resistance and struggle for more independence at home, the leaders in the diaspora tighten their unity and send out their roadmap towards how to prevent genozide and build out the international diplomatic strength of Ambazonia. For that you all need to bombard all international organizations, diplomatic offices, parliamentarians and media channels with emails, messages, petitions and demonstrations about the truth what’s going on in the country. Print the letters on the signboards well and big so that the TV cameras can read them! In general , all Ambazonians must be willing to give at least 10% of their wealth to the fight now or they will become extinct. Freedom requires sacrifices. All of you must be activists now, but also follow the orders of the true and nominated leaders of Ambazonia. All must demand maximum support for the oppressed on all levels and maximum counterpower support against the oppressor from all powers in the world. The time is now. So to restore the internet connection in Ambazonia is a prime objective at the moment. Those who still receive internet, read „satellite internet access“ on wikipedia and negotiate with Nigerian communication companies how to get satellite receivers and signal amplifiers into Ambazonia! Then, everybody in the world, who has a heart for Ambazonia shall flood the (e)mail boxes and phones of those who have power with their reports, complaints and demands. Not only the Secretary General of the UN or, but thousands of addresses. The leaders need to send lists of those addresses to all Ambazonians and create an avalanche effect. And remember: for now stay peaceful! Only when the Ambazonians have collected sufficient funds for an own army and equipped and trained it well, only after successful negotiations arms for oil, only then the passive resistance can go into active resistance mode and chase the occupation forces out by means of weapons and international legitimacy. So for now: the strike must conintue and you can demand solidarity strikes all over Cameroon. The members of the Supreme Court may also just walk in their robes into the prisons and free the political prisoners with their bare hands.

Second, the ghost town type of strike is a wonderful and effective way of resistance against an illegitimate occupation army which may not be much longer loyal soon to such a senile, ruthless embezzler-in-chief like Mr. Biya. Even France, which used him for playing divide & rule & exploit in her former colony, may drop him soon than expected for his increasingly incompetent and illegal actions. Nevertheless while the human rights violations and arrests of Ambazonian leaders are increasing still, the Ambazonian population should be aware, that no little scattered, lousy “army” of corrupt dictators has any chance against 8 million determined Ambazonians, and that Ambazonia can open its constituent assembly or government all the same right now in exile, because it does not need any OK from foreign nations for that. This can be done by a virtual plebiscite carried out as an internet referendum as follows: the Ambazonia National Registrary in exile gives every city and citizen in Ambazonia a certain number. Now every elective citizen takes a piece of paper as a ballot and writes his number, his name, his address on it and also whether he is pro or against an independent State of Ambazonia and the name who shall become the president of Ambazonia and underneath he/she puts the signature. Clearly readable. Then the citizen makes a photo of that ballot and emails it to the registrary. The email of the registrary shall be a collective one so that the enemy cannot trace any specific person. After the plebiscite has reached more than 50% of the Ambazonian citizens, the vote is internationally valid and the new elected president of Ambazonia can chose his ministers and for security reasons every minister can chose his secret vice-minister. All offices and ministries of that Government can open instantly inside and outside Ambazonia parallel. Additionally, if any henchmen from Biya or France try to to close any ministry of that elected Government of Ambazonia, it can re-open immediately at any other location! If any elected representative is killed his vice will automatically be charged or the vice vice or the vice vice vice. Françafrique Biya or Biya-followers will have to see that they are chanceless to catch any Government of Ambazonia! On top of that, the UN has granted Ambazonia independence since 1984 and the UN Convention for the LAW of the SEA grants Ambazonia full property of its oil and gas as well up to 200 miles from the shore, so Ambazonia can actually forbid Sonara and „La Kleptocratique du Craboon“ and any other foreign power the stealing of the oil. In negotiation arms for oil preferably with the Nigerian government the Government of Ambazonia can insist on not being pulled over the table, because as soon as many military men in Cameroun see that Ambazonia is seriously getting an own army they will defect and serve for Ambazonia and secure the oil militarily for Ambazonia. The occupation forces of Biya won’t even dare to attack anymore and give up beforehand. And together with a new Constitution of Ambazonia, which guarantees that the revenues of the oil ales and taxes and the agricultural exports will flow back to the Ambazonian People, Ambazonia will become unbeatable and the admired pearl of Africa. Ambazonia can establish itself as a Federal Democratic Republic with a rigid system of accountability and financial control, which guarantees that natural wealth is transformed into prosperity of the people and development of infrastructure. Last but not least another referendum may vote for a new name of the nation, which is not a colonizer’s name anymore, but a native languages name. How about “Baland”, the land of the many Ba Peoples, Ba-kossi, Ba-melike, Ba-ngwa, Ba-kweri, …. ? Yet for now, the Ambazonian diaspora can get expertise from the UN and Norway ( on how to regain control over its resources and territory and transform oil into wealth, as well as from all BRIC countries on how to open the Ambazonia National Bank and issue a new currency by attracting its futures to foreign investors, and to force France / Switzerland this way to send Biya into permanent exile retirement and bring him before International Court for his human rights violations and embezzlements. Don’t hesitate, just do it! Overcome intertribal ditchfights before your common enemy and start teamworking! Elect your new own Government NOW!

Third, at the UN General Assembly,, the already acknowledged independent country of „Southern Cameroons“ should be officially re-named into „Federal Democratic Republic of Amazonia (or Ambaland or Baland)“, the land of the many Ba peoples, because nobody takes a separation or restoration movement seriously, if it cannot even separate from the oppressor’s, the colonizer’s name „Cameroon(s)“, and because „land“ is sounding more like a full independent land and state and nation than only a „zonia“ or „zone“ in somebody else’s territory. For the time between now and the withdrawel of all Ambish parliamentarians from the foreign nation of Cameroun and the election of a new Government of Ambaland, the own nation‘s name may remain Ambazonia though, just because it so familiar meanwhile and it helps unite the Ambazonians or Ba Peoples. Just later the Ambazonian Government shall change it into another native, original name of own choice. No Ambazonian or Cameroonian should bother right now about my naming „Ambaland“, because later on the Senate of Ambazonia, which is also called House of the Chiefs as well as the House of Parliament will have ample opportunity to vote for anything the People of Ambazonia want. Now, as soon as any leadership of Ambazonia declares all Ambazonian political positions in Yaounde and all Francophone political positions in Ambazonia as null and void, Ambazonia will be granted a seat at the UN, as the UN promised that to the great leader Fon Dinka in 1990. Also, since the UN General Assembly has 193 seats and 55 of them alone are African, all pro-Ambazonian parties and representatives need only to convince the majority of the UN seats to vote for a new resolution on the „Southern Cameroons“ case, which acknowledges that from now on it will be Ambazonia (Ambaland , Baland) as a sovereign nation with own government and own constitution, which has a right on an own army and own currency, and statutes once and for all that no illegitimate dictator and extremist like Mr. Biya (who was never really elected by the people) or foreign country like La „République“ du Cameroun nor any other foreign power or corporation has the right to interfer or occupy or exploit anything on the territory of Ambazonia. Other UN branches like the UNESCO or the UN Human Rights Commission or, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, may help, but the main key factor remains that you unite first and you pull your funds out to yourself to transform already existing money and wealth into real sovereign power. And as long as you haven’t fully achieved it yet, you Ambazonians need to insist on your UN-given independence since 1984 nevertheless, and keep doing that no matter what, rather sooner than later the world will follow you, because the time is right for the death of postcolonialist Françafrique.

Fourth, the Ambazonia Liberation Movement (ALIM) and all other „Southern Cameroon(s)ian“ independence movements and parties need to unite on the main goal which is full independence for Ambazonia (Ambaland / Baland) and they should box out all voices from their committees, who advocate obedience and foul compromises with La “République” du Cameroun, because if you keep shaking hands with your oppressor, exploiter, enemy and if you don’t fully cut and separate with crooks and robbers, you will never gain anything! Nevertheless, the road to the end-goal of full independence has many pre-goals on its way one after the other in a specific order: from local strike to general strike, from Consortium to elected own Government, from passive resistance to internationally legitimized, active defence forces and own currency, from blocking oil and timber exploitation routes to taking control over own resources, from local steering committees in confusion to nationwide chain of command under an agenda of consense, from Douala harbor dependency to your own deap-sea harbor in Limbe-Victoria, from censored media to free media and so on, but the overall trick is: you go this road steadily not in hate towards your brothers and sisters in the neigbor country Cameroun, but you also help them to get rid of dictatorship and post-colonialist maladies. Ambazonia’s quest for emancipation and independence from marginalization and annexation is not so much an Anglophone vs. Francophone problem, it is a solution for freeing both Ambazonia and Cameroun from the incompetent, senile, embezzling puppet-Biya-regime and its robber-master France / Switzerland / China. It’s about the emancipation from master-slave-politics to all-have-equal-rights-and-responsibilities-politics. Only because Mr. Biya is not likely to go on his own or to change constitution for the better, Ambazonia must now be the forerunner and strive for independence first, because only when Ambaland has climbed from pseudo-independence to real independence then it has the power to push the neighbor and brother Cameroun also from pseudo-independence to real independence. Cameroun can also get a new, non-colonialist name! Keep in mind, a Confederation between Ambazonia and Cameroun is not an option unless both Ambazonia and Cameroun have each independently reached a new government and established their own new constitutions. Isn’t there this old saying of all mother-in-laws: „Don’t federalize with your rapist!“? Instead, in order to reach satisfactory political solutions of mutual respect and support, both countries have to stop internal, intertribal ditchfighting and try to install law systems of anti-colonialism, anti-corruption, anti-crooks-in-power. So in conclusion, also don’t participate in hatemongering, withhunting and lynchmobbing when it comes to „traitors, collaborateurs, unionists, Francophones“, because in the long run you will remain neighbors and you have to come along with each other. Just keep these die-hard unionists or Pan-Camerounese short later and apply law on them and stay firm with saying no to unions of all kinds with robbers, crooks & occupationists in power! In the long run it is the level of political educatedness and integrity of the population which decides the quality of life not so much whether you call the system a Republic or a Confederation or whatever.

Fifth, everybody should realize that Biya is not a devil or a moon-God but a symptom and that he is not the biggest enemy, but those who hold him in power and those whom he is serving, they are. So it is of no use to remove Biya and then the same Hydra will only grow even worse successor snake heads. Nevertheless, Biya is senile and nobody has the right to cling to power for so long, so People of Ambaland and People of Cameroun, start working for his replacement on all levels. He is not a president, but the illegitimate dictator of Cameroun and to Ambaland even the dictator and embezzler of a foreign country. He has no say in independent Ambaland and actually all Francophones in Cameroun should understand that he is harming them as much, that he should not have any say in Cameroun either. As he killed, imprisoned or tortured so many of his opponents, guilty and innocent ones likewise, he needs to be brought before International Court by international warrant. And all military leaders, soldiers and policemen of Cameroun and Ambaland should be also bombarded with text messages asking them how they can remain loyal to such an untrustworthy lawbraker and embezzler like him, who was never really elected by anybody, just enthroned by France and Switzerland to transport Francophone and Anglophone values into French and Swiss accounts! Such a shame to protect such an illegitimate, ruthless agent of foreign corporations against your own countryfellows! Everybody needs to realize that Biya was and is just an agent of Europe, China and even America to continue robbing and controlling Africa and to never give the Africans real independence and sovereignty, especially in Cameroun and Ambaland, because they are so rich of resources. So the Ambazonia = Ambaland independence movements need to make their agenda a part of the bigger agenda of freeing all fromer French colonies from post-colonialist exploitation pseudo-independence to real independence and self-governing. The key problem is the money you can make out of natural resources and the key question is: do the revenues go to the Africans or to non-African corporations and countries? But the tricky follow-up question is: since Africans are dependent on foreign corporation‘s equipment and knowhow and maybe also military, how will they achieve at least, that these foreign corporations and their adherent bribed African politicians won’t take an unfair share of the sales & profits anymore? So all these political talk about democracy vs dictatorship, freedom vs. colonialism, developement vs. underdevelopoment is only secondary to this main question: who gets how much of the profits out of the natural resources plus their cheap processing labour and easy trade. Basically, it does not matter that much anymore, whether you call yourself Ambaland or Cameroun, if Sonara is still filling the pockets of foreigners mainly. But nevertheless, the revolution of Ambaland towards a much better political system, constitution and leadership, is the biggest tool and the biggest asset to limit the power of these foreign corporations, of the post-colonialist masters and their puppet-masters, and to redirect the profits and trade surpluses back to the people and their needs. So wherever you or your liberation group are in discussions, demonstrations or negotiations on international political stage, throw it into the debate that the independent Ambaland Nation is the spearhead for all African nations and suppressed minorities to freedom from post-coloniaslist exploitation and robbery. Write on your signboards: „We are not your slaves anymore! We have universities, industries, cultures! We will crush your expoitation corporations! We will take what is our own!“

Sixth, the many tribes, groups and factions in Ambaland and the preliminary consortia or councils can overcome their confusion about which direction to go by refining their internal and nationwide election procedures. First you have to declare all Biya-loyal political positions and structures inside Ambaland as null and void, then you have to withdraw all Ambazonian politicians from Yaounde to get a seat in the UN, and then you make it mandatory for all internal elections to Ambish steering commitees, consortia, councils and the (interim) Ambaland Government, that every candidate who wants to be elected, has to sign an agreement before the election, that he/she will respect the outcome of the election and stay loyal to the elected ones and that if he/she does not or will backstab into the new elected leadership, he/she will loose his/her right for any candidacy forever. What Ambaland needs most is a functioning chain of command, which has the power to unify the different factions before the common enemy which is Françafrique but also BP, Exxon & Co, and to make all parties pull on one string again towards the establishment of an independent Ambaland nation and identity, which is not susceptible for any bribes or orders from Yaounde anymore. What Ambazonia needs foremost is to elect an own government which shows higher standards of ethics and policymaking than Yaounde. It needs leaders who act like role models not like people-killers and -cheaters. So with new, good leaders any doubts about separating from Yaounde are unfounded, because Ambaland is rich enough to stand on her own and once you have regained full control over your country the Ambaland Government can formulate all kinds of special treaties with neighboring Anglophones like the Bakassi, Biafra, Bakossi tribes and generally all related Anglophones outside Ambaland borders, which give them special autonomy or preferred business status. They may even want to join Ambaland! Just stay focused on full independence first, because unions make only sense when there is mutual respect and fairness and Yaounde-Paris have proven for decades that they are unfair and will always be unfair, if Biya-type dictators stay in power. To all the unionists you can say that on global scale all these ever bigger unions have also created more and more corrupt burocracies and that’s why strong regional and national sovereignty is better. To all those who fear that small nations would fall back into permanent tribal wars you can say that the level of global education and business has grown so exponentially that the next generation won’t do that much ditchfighting anymore. And don’t think that you would need to copy all industries of the “developed world” first in order to become an own independent State! Bhutan in Asia is also a small independent State without this imitation of Americanism and they live very well there! Be proud and live your own culture! Be yourself! Be an Ambish (=Ambazonian)!

Seventh, an Ambaland TV/Radio channel has to be established, ARTV, either from Nigeria or redundantly from the internet, which broadcasts the decisions and basic political educations of the new Ambaland Government & Constitution round the clock. The Ambish People, Tribes and Government have to speak more with one voice and to support all strikes conclusively. You need a task force of own loyal journalists, who synchronize all the many pro-Ambish groups on social media and newspapers and connect them to ARTV and it’s website, which is secured on several servers. The people of Ambaland need to understand, that full independence means real sovereignty and that means own government, own constitution, own army, own police, own currency, own control over all territory and resources, own flag and own taxation, trade, political system aso.. All contracts of positions in governing offices, which are occupied by hostile Francophones installed by the enemy LRC are to be declared null and void; that can be done immediately. No order from them is valid anymore, unless they sign a contract with the Ambaland Government. Also all political party programs can become more similar and amended according to this Action Plan here. Setting the same priorities in different parties helps pulling together on one string against the common enemy. The enemy is not so much Biya’s military but who they serve and that is foreign exploitation corporations. So your focus should be on how will future Ambish Law and Government force them to give fair parts of their revenue back to the Ambish People. All companies on the territory of Ambaland are to be directed by loyal Ambish therefore and they have to follow Ambish Law and systems of control. Good willing foreign experts of big corporations can also be big supporters of a wealthy Ambaland, so just sort out the good guys from the bad guys. From now on we, the Ambazonians, the Ambish, the Ba-landers, are ourselves! We are proud! We are equal to all other full nations in the world! We don’t need former colonizer‘s OK anymore for being ourselves and having our own state and nation! We Are Ambaland!

Eighth, all officials, employees and workers of Ambaland are to be paid in the new currency Amba. Military and police, who is loyal to Ambaland will get higher salary than prior from Yaounde. The Ambaland National Bank can print the Amba already in exile and spread it in Ambaland, while 1 Amba has the value of 1 Dollar for example. For strategic reasons the currency can be called Amba-Dollar or Amba-Euro for a period of transition time. The covering security of the whole currency is the sum of all natural resources and real estates in Ambaland, which is incredibly much and a safe value, as long as these resources and lands are controlled by the Ambish. Also experts from central banks in the BRICs countries can help defend the Amba from attacks of the XFA-system. If you don’t trust your new Amba currency, then ask yourself, how can you trust the CFA, which is bound and enslaved in the Central Bank of France in Paris, when even France does not trust in Franc anymore but uses Euros? And why should France, which has no domestic resources, be the master of your currency, when it is you (!), who has all the resources and wealth on your territory? The African Union could easily free itself from the monetary enslavement by France, Switzerland, the IMF and even the World Bank, if Africa would be able to defend its resources with weapons successfully against foreign military. And it is 8 million (!) Ambish People against a lousy, scattered „army“ of only hundreds of soldiers from the French. You can easily organize your own army from Nigeria by promising former „Northern Cameroons“ and all foreign strategic advisors big rewards after having won the fight and secured the borders. This can be done under total international legitimacy reached diplomatically from anti-post-colonialist organizations and countries. If UN peace keeping troops are helping in putting a puffer between Ambish army and Cameroonian army, then fine, but usually the UN is a corrupt toothless tiger. So rely on yourself and just do it!

Nineth, Ambaland’s best and wisest financial brains have to formulate a strategy, how to get rid of Francafrique, which is the decade old post-colonialist practice of France to continuously exploit all former French colonies in Africa by favoring French corporations and binding the Africans to the CFA and treasury in Paris, and to break out from the UCC, the Anglosaxon Uniform Commercial Code, which is the strategic tool for the former British „Empire“ including USA to rule the world over the seas. Ambaland’s case is of higher dimension. It is a forerunner for all other African countries to step from pseudo-independence to real independence. The tactics of the colonizers was always „divide and conquer“ and to promise militaristic security for exploiting resources in exchange. France, NATO, AFRICOM now are still saying: „We guarantee you safety and stability, if you let us exploit your resources and feed our puppet regimes with bribes!“ But the Africans need to say now: „We can defend ourselves! We don’t follow you to divide and conquer anymore! The show is over! We are stronger and more than you!“ Therefore the African Union needs to work harder on boxing the „former“ colonizers out and preventing a back fall into tribalistic or fundamentalist militarism either. So the Ambishs need to identify more with being a role model for many oppressed minorities and majorities in Africa. You are the spearhead of the NEW AFRICA! (To see how France and CFA enslave Cameroon watch the 3-part documentary “The French African Connection” on Youtube! That is key political education for all Ambazonians and Camerounese!)

Tenth, in the new Constitution of Ambaland there have to be implemented effective juridical methods of financial and economic control in the country. Everybody who puts public money into private pockets can be fired immediately by law. Systems of accountability are installed in both the governmental and the economical and the civil services branch. There are minimum and maximum wages for everybody. Excessive private wealth will be transformed into property of the people. Revenues from oil, gas, minerals, crop exports etc. have to flow to a big part into education, science, health infrastructure, road system, public transport, and cultural revival. A fast train will connect the political capital Buea with the cultural-economical capital Bamenda in under an hour. All elections are fair, democratic and limit the time of power of officials. There is freedom of expression and convention. The over proportionate taxes in Douala harbor are abolished; Limbe deap sea harbor is built out and Ambaland becomes an international touristic highlight. Environment is protected in parks and farmers get fair prices. And many more improvements of the whole society, which altogether help other nations in Africa as well to break out from the slumber and slavery. Spread the new Constitution everywhere, in all schools and offices and websites; it will also help the Francophones to get rid of their outdated system and senile dictator. Yaounde, France, Europe and the World, they must understand that the global megatrend towards fairness for all peoples in the world does not need the OK of senile African dictators or corrupt European politicians, their opposition will be just washed away like dead crabs at the seashore.

Eleventh, let Francophone government officials and military and police understand, that Ambish Independence is not a threat to Cameroon, but rather helps the Francophones to emancipate from French/Chinese post-colonialistic exploitation and slavery as well. Francophones and Anglophones are brothers and sisters, but they are not brothers and sisters to robbers, thieves, foreign exploitation corporations! Motivate all Francophonoes to solidarize with the Ambish Independence Movement and to sabotage the shabby power struggle of senile Mr. Biya, who is all to himself and nothing to both Francophones and Anglophones! Spread flyers and textings among all Francophones and Anglophones in power or in arms, which show the future benefits for all, if they follow the new Ambish Government and Constitution! All employees could have ten times higher salaries than now and lasting peace in their hearts, if they start supporting the promising NEW and abandon the rotten OLD! Civil war is not necessary, if you use all ways of passive resistance, like homemade bulletproof vests (Youtube shows you how) and all ways of positive propaganda, which does not wish the Francophones bad, but also cares for their reform in East Cameroun and their overcoming of captivity by CFA. The Francophones in Yaounde shall also have their own currency and step forward from slave-state to free state! Don’t fear retaliation anymore! Speak out loud! Be an Ambish on the western side! And be the NEW Cameroonian on the eastern side! Have English as mandatory official language on the western side and have French as the mandatory official language on the eastern side! Privately you can remain bilingual, trilingual, quadrolingual, … as much as you want.

Twelveth, Federalism means that inside your independent State all regions or tribes are respecting, supporting and helping each other. So the richer tribes=regions support the poorer tribes=regions financially and that is made mandatory by Constitution. The borders of regions or districts coincide with the historically grown borders of the tribes. So to have Federalism inside of Ambaland would be good. But to have a Federalism with the rest of eastern Cameroon would not be good as long as the Biya regime and government there are just corrupt puppets of former colonialist masters. Never shake hands with a thief, he will take your whole arm. But as soon as Mr. Biya would have been gone and the following administration would rigorously transform the government into a state of integrity and fairness, then a Confederation between Ambaland and Cameroon would be possible. Nevertheless, Ambaland should not do that, if Yaounde is still with the CFA, because bad habits die hard. Let’s have Ambaland and Cameroun both compete in their quality and modernity of their each Constitutions! The Constitution of Ambaland can give the traditionl cultures of the tribes very much say in a House of Chiefs called Senate while the modern standards of governing, quality control and rule of law can be guaranteed by the House of Parliament, so that traditional integrity and modern progress will merge into a very beneficial symbiosis for all. Many can still hardly imagine how good an independent state can be, when you define its Constitution well from the start, which obliges both government and the people to really serve the country, and fairness, justice and development are really practiced. All the pain of the past sufferings suddenly fall off and you breathe the air of hope, confidence, reliability, lawfullness, decency, integrity, pride, … ! Again you will be someone in the world to who all the countries in the world look up and admire.

Thirteenth, for now, avoid sending unarmed people into clashes with armed men. Try to convince the angry youth, that even when the situation is unbearable, you need to reach unity among the Ambish leaders first, before you can win against the occupation forces. Of course, tapes of human rights violations can also help in gaining support from international organizations, and guerilla tactics can be successful sometimes, but you should not run blindly into massacres and then the international media would still listen to the lies of CRTV. No instead you need to build out your strategy, your own ARTV, your own Constitution, your own internal election procedure improvements and priority lists first. You need a chain of command and the youth must listen and understand that once a big leap is not possible, many little steps on all peaceful fronts can also lead to the goal. Whether you make a peace walk, whether you engage in pro-Ambish propaganda, whether you increase the strength of your family and tribe, stay oriented on the end goal, which is an Africa of the many independent, proud and peaceful fatherlands. Like brothers and sisters who respect their individual nature and differences, also all the independent nations of Africa respect each other and help each other and the same goes internally between tribes. The end goal is a peaceful situation but also a peace-defendable situation, which keeps each independent nation able to defend itself from aggressors or colonizers or foreign exploitation-corporations. External and internal, civil wars are no values as such. Defense against foreign attack and occupation by means of weapons is legitimate, but using all ways of passive resistance and all diplomatic ways of getting international support can be more effective. Making your enemies your friends by helping them to get rid of their oppressors too is probably the most effective winning strategy.

Fourteenth, admonish all people of the Church that the time of collusion with dictators and exploitation systems is over! Hail to those priests who stood up for Ambazonia and said yes to the strikes! They are the pioneers of the new Church! The Vatican is still too friendly with dictators and keeping poor people poor, so that they keep running into churches in despair. Bishops and priests who repeat saying: „Let’s keep peace at all costs!“ are on the wrong side; you cannot keep peace with criminals and murderers! Even the police knows, that you cannot stop criminality only by prayers or peace talk and without weapons. The foreign suckers of Cameroun and Ambaland give a damn whether you pray or sing to Jesus or not. They only understand the language of passive and active resistance. Ambish priests have to support the Ambish Nation or step out. What is the building of new church houses good for, when the whole people is enslaved? Priests need to give offer tree money for the Ambish independence fight. Churches should not help exploiting people for selfish reasons to build palaces for priests! Jesus never talked about churches and golden priest’s robes! Forgiveness can only be done by the victim on his/her own free will. The national entity of Ambaland still must bring law & order to all criminals and oppressors. Justice has to be defended by arms and power. That’s why a peace dove on the Ambish flag is not enough. You must also show the willpower to be a wolf, an eagle, a gorilla, a star of fighting willpower in order to be taken seriously. Put as many stars as Ambaland has tribes on your new flag. Don’t follow world dictatorships of world religions or world corporations of world corruption, follow yourself, be yourself, be an Ambish!

In summary: no matter how frustrating the long term tyranny of France’s puppet regime in Yaounde is, no matter how painful the mess and murders by the Francophone military in Ambaland are, no matter how disappointing the disunity among the leaders of Ambaland and her diaspora abroad may still be, there is no reason to lose hope, to stop resistance or to fall back into foul arrangements with La République! There is a global megatrend right now, in which the overwhelming majority of the world population becomes more and more educated and starts saying: “We have enough of these corrupt elites who only have in mind to live large on the cost of others!” Pseudo-aristocracies, who live only on the interest rates of the wealth their ancestors have stolen, pseudo-politicians, who proclaim lying ideologies just to stay in power and make an additional buck behind closed doors, pseudo-religions, which live in palaces just to tell the uneducated people that for them good living conditions will only come in heaven, all these crap leaders will be more and more disguised, dispossessed and replaced by people of integrity worldwide. Because there is no way, that on the one hand we have a few billionaires who want to rule everything while on the other hand we have billions of have-nothings. Global competition together with the philosophy “The winner takes it all!” have failed. The global revolution which refrains from ever bigger unions of control to proud, self-determined, defendable nations of freedom & fairness is unstoppable. So also the rule of Françafrique in all former colonies of France, this postcolonial exploitation structure and it’s puppet regimes in Africa, will fail rather sooner than later, because its truly unjust inhumanity becomes more and more obvious to billions of people. And the same goes for Anglosaxon corporations and Nato military and Chinese colonization tactics. Of course all these puppets of exploitation, inhumanity and imperialism will try to hold their position at all costs and that will lead to a lot of turmoil and totalitarian situations on all continents. Nevertheless, in the age of the internet the misdoings of these corrupt “elite” totalitarians will be taped and brought into media limelight to billions of people instantly and very quickly old-fashioned ways of tyranny like that of Mr. Biya & Co. will be thrown into the trash can of world history. The global awareness of the wrong of limitless globalism and post-colonialism as well as the right of regional peoples’ sovereignty and defensibility is rapidly growing. Nature itself is not pro global uniformism or the total frenchness of large parts of Africa, it is pro diversity of species and peoples and ways of politics. And that’s why the Ambish should be proud of themselves and their independence, and they must not sand need not count on “big brothers” like France, England, America, Nigeria anymore, but from now on only on themselves first. Like Trump says „America first!“ the Ambazonians can equally say: „Ambazonia first!“ Ambazonia is one of the most beautiful and rich countries in the world and Ambazonians are exceptionally beautiful, humorous, musical, cultural, polyglot, versatile, intelligent, busy, persevering, fashionable, friendly, hospitable, strong …. You can hardly find any people in the world with so many good aptitudes! I really love you Ambazonians! I had the best time of my life in Ambaland! Thanks to you all! Only, this terrible history of slavery, colonization and exploitation by Europeans has left a deep scar in your self-consciousness and the policy of divide et impera by Françafrique has prevented the forming of an own national identity and state, that’s why I am speaking to you as a German, who wants to be part of a New Europe and a New Africa, which have overcome these scars and imperialisms of the past. Now is the time for Ambish and Camerounese and everybody in the world to realize that you just need to change your mindset from accepting slave-master-politics to refusing it and these bad relics of the past will disappear rather sooner than later. You need to realize that as soon as you say inside: “I don’t care anymore, whether a puppet master like Mr. Biya will give his ok or not, whether a European or American or other Non-African “master” or company will want this or that from us, whether anybody outside Africa deems us developed or united or militarized enough or not, I just don’t care anymore, because we Ambazonians define our independence and being and governance BY OURSELVES!” As soon as you repeat saying that to yourself and your comrades, a real independent Nation of Ambazonia WILL BE, IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN! Immediately after making this click in your mind and not caring anymore about all the naysayers, doubters, splitters, “experts”, foul compromisers, bribable ones, backwardians, self-denouncers etc. etc., as soon you ARE living in the Nation of Ambaland!


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The Struggle Continues

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