5 thoughts on “Ambazonia Interim Government is a Disaster”

  1. Anglophone Cameroon was desperate for a liberator and satan came and offered the liberation and the people gladly accepted it but the Bible says: TEST ALL SPIRITS TO SEE THAT THEY ARE FROM GOD. Oh my dear country people them, you are very gullible indeed. Satan goes as far as saying you should not send your children to school and you gladly clap for him. CHIA CHIA CHIA, MY COUNTRY PEOPLE DON FINISH BECAUSE OF STUPIDITY.

  2. I knew that most of the people in this revolution from diaspora were 419, scammer, and thieves. 989.9999% are gold diggers included some women promoting violence to create donation. Please AMBA_LRC open more our eyes and thanks

  3. Wahh papa,… Na soso them go finish reveal all their lies…they are all opportunists, suffer pple them..i d feel bad na for the innocent diaspora folks wey the don d contribute all their small change wey the for usam pay their bills them, and those ma uneducated brothers them for GZ wey the d jump from frying pan to fire everyday bcos these thief so call IG leaders….terrible tin massa….

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