One thought on “AMBAZONIA IS UNGOVERNABLE.Buea, today 24th December, 2018. The same is true across Ambazonia”

  1. Excellent job my amba people. You people have done it again. Let the world see and hear. Indeed the world has seen and heard you people. Thats why the international community through the U.N has given the Biya regime until 31st December 2018 to stop the war or else foreign military intervention will come in to stop the war. Thats why Boya has created the disarmament commission to keep lying to the world. But this time around, the people have spoken and the world is listening.

    Let the francophones keep sleeping in their fear. We anglos with our British system of enlightenment and freedom would soon make them realise that peace does not fall from the sky. You must fight for freedom to gain peace, you must sacrifice for freedom to gain peace. Yes indeed my amba people, you have done it.

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