Ambazonia Leadership Crisis: Ground Zero Dissociates from Sako & Chris Anu

3 months ago

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His Excellency Seseku Ayuk Tabe is the only legitimate president of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. We will only accept dialogue in his presence
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The Struggle Continues

7 thoughts on “Ambazonia Leadership Crisis: Ground Zero Dissociates from Sako & Chris Anu”

  1. Sako is the current leader of ambazoni.all you are preaching there is your personal view and has no effect on ground zero. Sessekou cannot and will never rule from captivity. If he comes out from jail and goes out of lrp territory then the leadership of Amazonian people will be handed back to him. No amount of manipulation from anyone can succeed to keep the Amazonian leadership in captivity.That information is not from ground zero where I am.It is your creation together with the manipulator to instill more divide. You have failed.

  2. You are mad with that foolishness. He has been suspended for now until he gains his freedom. We cant hear anything again from him in the back yard of Biya and his Surrogates. So stop fooling yr selves and reporting nonsense .

  3. HE Ayuk Tabe is the face of this revolution, a few unrecognised guys can't gather to impeach someone universally recognized as our leader. They sit comfortably in their homes in the diaspora enjoying with their families the monies we contributed while Ayuk Tabe lamments in LRC dungeon. What sacrifice have they made to this struggle that make them feel they can take this revolution hostage? Sako and Chris Anu should be ashamed of themselves. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe remains our leader whether they like it or not.

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