Ambazonia Major General Divine wants more AK47 and Ground nuts for his boys

3 months ago

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General Divine; the major Ambazonia General who in control of the Ambazonia fighters in the entire South West region of Cameroon, has called for unity amongst the Ambazonia leaders in the diaspora and also asked for more support (groundnuts and AK47) for his boys in order to shorten the trip to Buea.

Major General Divine revealed that in the whole of Meme division, only him and 2 of his commanders own an AK47…other Ambazonia fighters are using locally made Dane guns (which has been described/mocked by Cameroon military personnel as harmless Rubber guns which cannot cause any impact).

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Major General Divine says if he can get just 10 AK47 and groundnuts from the Ambazonia leaders, he will cause a lot of damage to the Cameroon security forces and expand his territory.

General Divine also said if he can stop the Cameroon military from terrorizing Meme division with just 3 AK47 and Dane guns, then he can achieve greater success if more AK47 is supplied to his boys.

In addition to AK47 and groundnuts, Major General Divine also mentioned that he needs money to support the children and wives of Ambazonia fighters who have been killed by Laripoblic terrorists.

Major General Divine shocking revealed that since he started fighting laripoblic terrorists (i.e. from 2017 to 2019) he has been receiving support from just one Ambazonian; Mr Ndangobell Mbah; the Brigadier General and founder of THE SWORD OF AMBAZONIA (TSOP).

He is calling on all the Ambazonia leaders to put their heads together and support the Amba boys in ground zero irrespective of the self defense group they belong to because there’s only one Buea.

“All for one and one for all should not be only preached but should also be put in to practice for without unity, the objective of the Ambazonians will never be achieved” says General Divine.

Major General Divine also advised the Ambazonians in the diaspora to stop creating opposition groups….stating that this is not the time to create opposition parties.

Ambazonian leaders should focus on the war…he said.

General Divine; who was shot on his right hand few months ago, also informed the people of Ambazonia that, he will fully recover from his injury very soon and the Ambazonians will start feeling his impact in ground zero like before.

He assured the people of Ambazonia that he is ready to fight till death and even if he is killed, (as a Manyu pikin), his spirit will still come back and continue fighting.

In conclusion, Major General Divine said any Ambazonian who will like to support the Amba boys, should offer his or her support via Mr Ndangobell Mbah; who is the Brigadier General of THE SWORD OF AMBAZONIA.
General Divine described Mr Ndangobell Mbah as a very trustworthy person (without him he wouldn’t have been able to with stand the Cameroon security forces)

As a reminder, General Divine is currently the longest serving Ambazonia General in ground zero.

Divine fought the first self defense battle in Kwa Kwa.

General Divine and 7 of his friends came together to form the first Amba group, after the entire Kwakwa village was set ablaze by the Cameroon security forces (an elderly woman was burnt alive in his hut).

That particular barbaric act gave General Devine and his friends the impression that Self defense is only option left.

Almost all his mates which he started the fight with (i.e.  General Ebube, Lake, General Dan etc) have joined their ancestors.

Before General Divine became an Ambazonia fighter, he was working in an engine saw company in Manyemen; a village situated along the Kumba-Mamfe road.

Our ears are still on the ground we shall provide you with more information as the story unfolds.


The Struggle Continues

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