3 thoughts on “Ambazonia Propaganda not working this time”

  1. AMBA_LRC, thanks a million for your zeal and determination to expose this demonic ambazonia madness. I believe that your life was spared by God from these terrorists when they attacked you so that you could in turn contribute to the downfall of this ambazonia which is far worse than the Biya regime. We dey for your back, go before, go before!!!

  2. Mr Man listen to the students themselves before you vomit this your madness ..he who watch and listen to the students in question already hear for him or herself and also know the truth.. because the students themselves say it and everyone has the videošŸ˜šŸ˜..la republic are the once involved in this bad act

  3. The students said clearly that the regime took them away. One week before soldiers did already a test and kidnap 11. They disguised as Amba Boys but could not hide their french accent and bad pidgin. Tell your audience that you work for the regime and not for the people of Southern Cameroons.

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