Ambazonia Revolution is DYING John Mbah Akuro

6 months ago

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These videos are NOT by any way to promote violence or terrorism but to document and let the world know what is happening in my country Southern Cameroon. put the guns down we need PEACE.
Free southern Cameroon, Free Ambazonia, Let the people go. we bring you latest news from ground ZERO. Genocide is happening in Southern Cameroon ( Ambazonia ) and the world is silent about it. We cant take it any more, The world must see what is happening in my country. AMBAZONIA oyehhhhh……..


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Ambazonia Revolution is DYING John Mbah Akuro”

  1. Mr lanki lrc slave, your seems like that of a human being but looking at you physically, you look very lanky and like a very hungry Ethiopian army at war who have not eaten for years. But you know what, we shall get you no border, just keep on doing what you are doing. When we get you your slave grandmaster biya will not save you watch out. Is Yaounde in peace? I ask you the question again and again .like it or not we are going to Buea. Only a referendum will end it all. If the military is killing our boys as you said, how come your blood sucking master has not brought peace in Ambazonia and finished all Ambazonians within 2months of this struggle as he planned?. , I wonder what that kangaroo malfunction military of yours will do if they have to face another nation fully armed like her. Becus if up till date she can not crush Amba boys and bring his so called peace in my land then he will surely go into his grave in pieces . Hahahaha Ambazonians have and will continue to teach him znd his kangaroo military an unforgettable lesson that just the thought of that alone will be enough flames to burn him well well when he get to hell soon .And so shall it be with all his followers lucifers

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