Ambazonia Revolution is DYING – John Mbah Akuro

4 months ago

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Even the supporters of Ambazonia are now publicly declaring that the Anglophone Revolution is DYING. This revolution was started by Lawyers and Teachers but taken over by people in the diaspora.. and now the infighting is BARE for all to see..

*Mr John Mbah Akuro* is warning that people in the diaspora are seeking fame, they have Ego, they are Greedy, corrupt and using the revolution for financial gain.


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The Struggle Continues

8 thoughts on “Ambazonia Revolution is DYING – John Mbah Akuro”

  1. So what? It doesn't change the fact that u 're a traitor. Who said they 're our leaders? Social media is for all. Whether they speak or not, our independence is non negotiating.

  2. They are the traitors who have turn against thier people. Fighting LRC is above them they are now going around kidnaping thier owns and demanding ransoms, killing Mbororos and stealing thier cattles. We don't need thieves and terrorists as leaders we prefer LRC .I regret ever supporting thier idea heartless wicked men.

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