1. The problem is that the diaspora does not have the intellectual know-how to build a secret organisation. We have gone past that stage of social media activism. The best way forward for every Ambazonian to support the IG. The IG may have its short-coming, but is our government. The Diaspora is interested in promoting groups. Ambazonia first! What most is the forces on the ground. Until we learn the lesson of Lebialem where one warlord like the field Marchal is in total control of a county this confusion will continue.

  2. I am not in support of Paul biya and his government. there is no way, the Ambezonians militia can defeat the cameroonians soldiers, cos, they has france support. So sad 4 the killings of children's, families. my little advice is national reconciliation between the north and south. madam, u hid in the western society, inciating violence at home. it's doesn't make sense. say no to war in Africa. I am a Nigerian in diaspora, I want my country / Africa to move forward

  3. You can pretent to come up in any form God's action and His word will never allow Ambalanders to fall prey to your selfish aims again.

    God's time has been announced. Boldness in front of humans is nothing in the presence of the Almighty God.

    Who ever has a secret agenda, no matter where you hide, God will unveil you in the days ahead. It has started already.

    Ambazonia has no group of leaders anymore but just an IG and activists. There is only one acting President, Sako. You may fight to confuse him day and delay His programme but the days for traitors are up.

    GZ has rejected you who are shouting. To verify whether God is still with your actions seek his face every morning and you will be surprised.

    God is leading and the victory day has been announced

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