8 thoughts on “Ambazonia Tapang Ivo On New Strategy”

  1. These are human beings you are counting like that!!!!! True Ambazonians are not war mongers. They look for peaceful ways to solve problems. Even the elephant in the house, Ambazonians have a way to solve that problem without chaos. We need our country back. This junk going on in our country is completely foreign. It is sad. I can't wait for it to stop. Guns in Ambazonia are only used for hunting animals, not for killing human beings. Please God We need our peaceful country back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want children to be used to seeing this!!!! It is saaaaad!!!!!!

  2. A failure in life hiding in America and pretending to be something to manipulate the ignorant back home.even a hut you couldn’t build in your own village.are you going to blame the regime for that while you’re in the USA?a fail man trying to build himself a new career through the suffering,atrocities and affliction of the poor people back home.
    Stupid criminal wearing suit and tie to manipulate the weaks.DIEU EST GRAND

  3. Think for a moment, before you talk about the death of a human being, Ivo. I do not care what the circumstances are. We are all victims here. Those gendarmes are also victims. Paul Biya himself is a victim. The world that put these two countries together when the only thing they have in common is the fact that they are all Africans, and live in the same area, they are the ones who caused this problem. What we have is almost like making Italy and Greece one country, if they were neighbors. Our situation is even worst than that example, because we are also Africans who have a lot of other languages and cultures, but that does not mean that they should be dissolved because they are many. God made them that way, we must keep them, because that is who we truly are. If Paul Biya was given only La Republique du Cameroon to be President, he will not be faced with what he is faced with today. He is like a little child who's parents have given his friend's toy to play with, and it is time for him to return this toy but the child is enjoying it so he does not want to give it back. He is crying and fighting with the other child, and the other child to is crying and fighting with him, because he knows it is his right to get his toy back. That is where we are today. It is wrong to allow people to profit at the expense of others. So we should defend ourselves, yet also take care of our brothers and sisters of the other side. Love you, Ivo. Sorry about the first message. Sometimes I can't help myself when I am disgusted.

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