#Ambazonia #terrorist ADF captured by #Nambere after a failed attack in #Batibo. Video 5 of 6

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#MKPD – #Ambazonia #terrorist ADF captured by #Nambere after a failed attack in #Batibo – October 2018. Video 5 of 6

The infighting you see today with #AmbaFools started Wayyyy back in 2018. In August that year 2018, Nambere was kidnapped by “General” Divine, in SW region, tortured and Nambere paid 3,000,000 frs CFA Ransom for his life.. He was handed over to “General” Ivo Mbah after a deal. Today will be the first part of a 2 part presentation. We will complete the presentation tomorrow Friday 24 April 2020 at the same 4pm, right here on DDR Cameroon Facebook page.

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KiNG πŸ‘‘

By October 2018, Nambere had recovered from his injuries after escaping the claws of ADF in Batibo. He remained in Batibo, committing atrocities with “Commando”.

Below you’ll see the amba terrorist Big Number Efang and his ADF gang who were sent by Ayaba Cho to eliminate the IG camp in Batibo, to kumkumise #Nambere and Commando. But the ADF were instead captured.. These are some of the incidents that led to the #Bui massacre, when #ChaCha captured Big Number Efang and 38 others. Efang is the only one who is known to have surviced that Bui massacre. The rest were kumkumised and burried, (as we are told by the ambafools themselves.)

Big Number Efang himself is one of the 11 ADF terrorists that are seen in the video, as they were captured by Nambere. In this incident Efang was shot in the leg, but unfortunately, none of the terrorists was sent to Maryland πŸ˜‚

On the 15 Dec 2018, still in Guzang Batibo, ADF launched another attack on the IG camp, killing “General BiaBia and Tiger”. On this day, 12 Amba #SNWL were sent on a one way 1st class Odeshi flight to Maryland πŸ˜‚ #ComedyRevolution πŸ˜‚

The tory long. Na Time short. πŸ˜‚ Amba vs Amba – the drama continues.. Buy your pop corn and coke.. afterall, #MTTB is a long haul flight. #haha

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