35 thoughts on “Ambazonia terrorists burn down Kumba District Hospital”

  1. This is an act of broad foolishness and stupidity a hospital that have saved thousands of lives and continues to save more lives gets burnt down by idiots.Kumba people and it,s environs will suffer for a very longtime to get another hospital.For crying out loud Mr Biya and his team does not receive treatment in this hospital,why burn it? for christ sake why ?now the common man will suffer.
    Ambazonians let,s be wise for christ sake burning down this hospital is like a mother killing her children.

  2. Who buried Kwa kwa village and killed mami happi on the …..Capo Pamale. You will pay one day .You're not seeing what LRB are doing to us and our children because they have given you money.Stop calling Eric's name The day you will stop calling Eric's name you will have your rest.

  3. MKPD i don't see the reason why you guys are wasting time talking, all those guys may have acquired properties back home, just go to the municipal council of each town you suspect they might have invested you will trace their properties, destroy them, contact all those who paid ransom via mobile money, you will trace the names of those receiver

  4. this guy eric tawtaw , is it that those affected in this struggle are not base in the US, to attact this man and destroy him, because i think if this killings starts in the diaspora , the struggle will end immediately

  5. You have said it all. For all those idiots commenting bullshit saying you should your face, itโ€™s a matter of time when those amba idiots will touch them or set an example to their close ones they will not talk again

  6. Eric Tataw is evil, people should stop listening to this guy, he ordered for the hospital to be burn down because the military burned down his house at Mamfe, so he did that as a retaliation, but he is wicked for killing innocent souls, those who want to continue this madness call revolution it means they are sick in the brain

  7. Mr Edward Snowden( former CIA employee and contractor for the United States government) copied and leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013. United State of America want him dead or alive by all means. He is on the run for life or face dead penalty for treason, meanwhile interms of honesty and sincerity , Mr Edward Snowden had done nothing wrong. Likewise Mr Julian Assange. The United States did threatened the countries of their hideout if those countries did not hand them in,

    The United States and the West went to Iraq and Syria republic to eliminate the Islamic State extremists ( ISIS ) because they posed a threat to them meanwhile, the they just want to live their own ways of life and nothing else . But when it comes to other countries outside of the United States interest, they would use all it takes to encourage and harbor the extremist in other to gain access to destabilize the place for their interest . After all no barking dog countries will bite .

  8. i always tell people on social media that am on the ground and i can tell you everything thing in real time and all their plans. about the hospital issue, the only reason why the ambas are planing to burn all the hospitals especially government once on GZ is that, when ever a military soldier is wounded, he is treated with care in those hospitals while an injured amba fighter is deprived from treatment in those institutions while been treated by untrained personnel's in bushing and end up dying. that is what i have been hearing since in the quarter even before that. and let me tell you guys this, they are determine to burn all the government hospitals. wait i shall tell you which one will be next. those guys who did that are not even Kumba fighters from what i also heard.

  9. I'm happy, you blame everybody who deserved to be blamed. Paul Biya is the first person to blame, he is cancer of our country. If that low IQ president free the nation by retire, everything will be ok. Amba boy is the fruit of Biya mediocrity.

  10. This is stupid how can the military burn down government hospitals?massa enough is enough. Chai burn down hospital is wicked I be disappointed with this act na for buea them burn pipo their motor them cut cut some pipo them and even shoot pipo them. How wuna go do this for wuna own pipo them? Civilians are not military. Wuna no know place way army base or camp dey? Wuna no know police stations them for inside Amberland? Wuna dey di show wuna power na for civilians them while military patrol dey up and down and wuna know place way military camps and stations them dey. Shame for wuna

  11. some people are brainwashed thinking the military did that.
    if those boys are cutting ID cards because of the word Cameroon then why will they go to a government hospital for treatment? with all those private hospitals and clinics in Kumba, they chose to go to a government hospital? if you are one of those boys will go to a government hospital for treatment? knowing that they can inform the military as soon as possible because the hospital belongs to the government? privates hospitals (belonging to an individual) they will no go there and they choose government hospital? with the private hospital, they will treat you because they are scared of the boys because if they don't the boys will kidnap them or burn the hospital. Abeg wuna shine wuna eyes them

  12. MKPD many thanks once again. Some months ago, I remarked that anglophones are complicit in this ambazonia nonsense through collective silence. Until all anglophones rise up against ambazonia, aglophones shall never live in peace because ambazonia has degenerated into extreme wickedness.

  13. Out of all ambazonia activists, Eric Tataw is ultra wicked. He his responsible for chopping of workers' hands and beheadings. He advocates the killing of school children. This man is just like Hitler and must be stopped before it is too late.

  14. Fake news ,mr Man we all know all the Truth,no true ambazonian will do that ..my kontry pipo you lie..even the voice of the so call person doesn't know how to talk. He is talking one one like foolish man.. doesn't know how to act

  15. Your lies and manipulations reiterated several times can never metamorphose into truths. If your audience especially the subscribers are not aware that your information and videos are all lies, manipulations….then they're lost. I pity them.

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