Ambazonia U Not Fighting 4 FREEDOM (Large Cranium With No Brain) Alex Lisinge U Contradict! Nonsense

7 months ago

All you trying to say there is damage control to damage that has already been done to the NorthWest and SouthWest and Cameroon as a whole
first leave Rosa and Napoleon out of your madness
With a head as large as yours, one will think there will be a brain inside! clearly it is empty because
1 why will anyone get up one day in 2017 and wear nonsense 10 piece suit, gather some other idiots like them (those you mentioned there and more) sit and talk about bla bla bla fight struggle setting a foundation to create ambaboys, which today you call MONSTERS (they belong to you, you created them with all that BS noise up and and down) go sit down some where YOU DEVIL see the amount of people who have died and some still suffering toady because of what idiots like you did to Cameroon!
2 You have now seen that you idiots started something you cannot finish, you want to now turn and shift to be pointing fingers at the same idiots you were part of and maybe still part of…
3 There telling lies how they asked you to be part of them and you refused, lying is what lawyers do best, even when they know the truth!
you did say yes to being part of the madness…all what you are saying now in 2020 is Fake Fake Fake cameroon already knows who you are
because of idiots like you the southwest and northwest will never be the same, people cannot go to commercial ave etc at anytime of the day like before (before people could move around and nothing will happen to them) just see the state the whole place is in!
all that nonsense you are saying there is what you should have been saying in 2017
Just hear how you are saying “not interested in knowing who is a scammer” that is because you are one! people should know about scammers and stupid people like you, so they know to be very careful when dealing with them…why didn’t you tell your stupid crowd in 2017 that there was not going to be any independence? it is now “how do you call it” you knew how they called it before! Fake “ambazonia you are not fighting for any freedom” you were so sure of yourself before, talking about Rosa Park has gone up rosa park has come down…your tongue is changing now only because you are seeing that you all cannot win, if not you would have continued talking the nonsense you were running your mouth about before saying how “you must fight”
YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED EVER! and the future generations will watch you and see that it was people like you who caused their parents to be killed for nothing…Nonsense!
see that one there writing meeting minutes like he is doing something…so stupid sssmmmhhh
Cameroon do not trust this idiot, as a matter of fact do not have anything to do with him…he is now to pretending to have good blood on display…ask yourselves what was stopping him from talking like that in 2017? he has now seen that things are not going as planned, he wants to now quickly frame himself under some GOOD light! clearly it is FAKE because it was NOT there before now, he is just talking nonsense to come across as if…the more reason you should be careful with him because he is NOT WHO IS NOW TRYING TO PORTRAY/REPRESENT…In reality he is totally contradicting himself from what he said 3 years ago! (now he is trying to inject the opposite) Caution!!!


The Struggle Continues

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