12 thoughts on “Ambazonia wants to kill me on Social Media”

  1. Let me begin by calling them hypocrites . People expressed their opinion about elections by protesting and they were arrested and later released. This action was greatly criticized by ambazonians(who are always quick to report the bad things happening in Cameroon) . They insulted Cameroon ,calling it shit hole country. This and that. Now ,amba lrc and others want to protest and talk about his opinions And the bad things taking place in the name of this revolution , they are threatening to kill him and his family. Chai Atanga Nji be better ya. At least he said you will be dealt with according to the law. That sounds more comforting than "We will find you and kill you for expressing you opinions " .Shame on you MINDLESS AMBAZONIANS. AMBA LRC , WE SUPPORT YOU.

  2. |Sir, this is extremely sad but not unexpected given the hateful and demonic rhetoric that many of their hierarchy and supporters have voiced on social media. Contrary to what they say, the revolution is not going well back home because they have made a lot of enemies with the local population but many are afraid to speak out because they will target them and their families just as they are targeting you. I do speak with my family back home and everyone is furious with this Amba nonsense. Many schools are closed. Many hospitals are shut. Many shops are shut. There is a higher level of teenage pregnancy as teenagers are out of school and playing mischief. Large populations of young and old people are in the bushes without access to medical care or adequate food. There is an overwhelming number of uncontrolled militias. Kids have been turned into killing machines. Government officials whether anglophone or francophone are being killed just for being in a job. Lawlessness is rife. Yet, the Ambazonians say that the revolution is going well. This is extreme tragic self-deception.

  3. This Ambazonia nonsense is cursed. I explain myself. It started with their leaders being arrested. No country in the international community supports them. Their militias are demonic. They use odeishi which is demonic empowerment. They shut down schools and threaten to kill children that go to school. Only an evil person will deny a child an education however modest that education may be. They intimidate and seek to kill other anglophones that do not agree with their approach to solving the anglophone problem. Lawlessness is rife and the local population lives in intense fear. The Ambazonia hierarchy knows that Ambazonia with no army cannot defeat the entire Cameroon army so they want things to be messed up because they feed on the mess through all kinds of corrupt fund raising schemes. There is serious infighting within the hierarchy and even on ground zero with some militias attacking other militias. The local population is getting tired of the sufferings and some are now openly saying that "the evil of Ambazonia is far greater than the evil of Pay Biya". There are many other reasons but I shall end. Thanks for reading.

  4. Bro you are doing a great Job a set of illitrates that are brain washed they so called leaders who are not even United going about stabbing each other using the struggle for thire own personal interest for me personally there is no struggle again an will advice they wake up from this nitemare an face the reality an stop listening to thire so called leaders who only fight on face book an you so called Amba Boys keep dieing every day like fowls Fuck They so called Amba Boys you are right I prefer the LRP military than those illitrates going around killing the ppl they Claim the protect Fuck Struggle.you are on the right path an I pray God protect an Bless you to finish this great Job you started Bro

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