6 thoughts on “Ambazonia WAR CRIMES in Batibo [[Graphic Content]]”

  1. Ayaba Cho, a drop out from school, has led his gang in Batibo to slaughter other Amba fighters. He has been corrupted by Atanga Nji Paul and Senator Mukete. His must pay equally for the murder he has committed.

    There is a bounty on his head for $3,000 (CFA 1.5 million francs).

  2. Why all the screaming? Keep on giving them food, shelter and money. Once they are done with killings among themselves, they would come after you, the populace. The writing is on the wall, ever since. You better fasten your seat belts, especially now that no more njor money is being raised by wicked accomplice-diasporians—the wolves are coming back home, to devour of course…

  3. I wrote a while ago that most anglophones home and abroad are accomplices in this madness through collective silence. Unless anglophones home and abroad collectively rise against ambazonia, this madness shall continue because it was predictable from the start.

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