6 thoughts on “AMBAZONIA.We have territorial boundaries internationally recognized. We will not give up”

  1. kiekiekiekiekiekie Cameroon is one and indivible, if you dont Cameroon and camerounians poeple; go to nigeria and stay there.
    make like your leader ayuk…that teefman and terrorist. We dont like him and all that persons who take the wapens agains Cameroon.

    where is Ayuk now???
    the American and france use him to destabilise cameroon and anothers countries in middel Africa.
    But , the time is changing, we canot accept war in our regions any more. thet time is over.
    the white people are using always the destabiliation when the need the control somewhere.
    The use the same tactics in Libya, the population voor bengazi say the won the move Khadaffi.. the take wapens to kill another lybians which help voor white people .. where is lybia now???
    now the use one historical pb in Cameroon the manipulate Ayuk and promise him too be de next president after the war and massal killing agains another brother…

    why some african are stupid like that??
    remember , the seccessionist war in Nigeria, the biafra war, who was behind?? FRANCE my brother…
    how much nigeria people are die??? are you see one french there who die???? are you see one white man there in the biafra war who dead?? no!!! only nigeria poeple… The white was behind, to sell wapens which hope thet after the war between brothers, between nigerians , the came too exploit oil ….

    please dont be stupid , learn after the mistake of our parents… war is never goed… when you kill your brother , and you accept de white poeple , what are waiting voor them??? too be slave again..

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