4 thoughts on “Ambazonia Why?”

  1. AMBA-LRC, as you say, we the voices of reason support most of the Ambazonian causes apart from violence. This means we do not support unilateral declaration of independence. Unilateral declaration of independence is a declaration of war because without negotiations independence can only be achieved through war. On the other hand the voice of reason indicates that Ambazonia cannot defeat the rest of Cameroon through war. Therefore the maths show that unilateral declaration of independence equals
    self-destruction of anglophone Cameroon. Even a baby can understand this. The question is why do Ambazonia supporters not understand. My answer is biblical which says that the world is run by the devil. The motivating factors behind Ambazonia are anger, hatred, greed and pride The first victim of anger, hatred, greed and pride is always the beholder. Anger and hatred against the francophones and other anglophones who have a different opinion from ambzonians as well as greed and pride amongst the Ambazonians will destroy ambazonia. Ambazonia can never succeed but it will bring fear, killings, anarchy and disaster to anglophone Cameroon. It is simply self-harm. I have seen individual self-harm in Europe. That is an individual cutting he or herself with a knife because of the pain they are going through. The case in anglophone Cameroon is one of collective self-harm because of the pain anglophones have gone through in Cameroon over the years. However my question is: is the answer to the pain, collective suicide? My answer is definitely No. Others may have a different opinion. Thank you.

  2. The fullishness has gone beyond..let's watch and see who will laugh last.. mistake was making wen the this boys did not kill or make you crippled at the first instance..but it's never too late ..our ears are on grand. Sense man dies behind fullishness man house

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