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Ambazonian Councilors Be Not Fooled!

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Published on the 14/03/2018
My fervent appeal to all Southern Cameroons Councilors with approach of Senatorial Elections. Open your eyes and be the first elected officials to change this game; history will never forget you.


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  1. nonsense go for bush. go and work. you get information and where are you. you are traitor. liar you ask people to go and kill people in bamenda. you are a very nonse how can you end with god name. you are monster

  2. u talk fine ya. Well-spoken Sir!

  3. For Rose says:

    very correct my brother. we re with you. thank God for giving you the spirit of leadership.

  4. Jeff Tanga says:

    Keep up brother do not give up I started listening to words from the start and till date you are still there to educate the masses God bless you Mr John

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