6 thoughts on “Ambazonian GZ GENERALS speaks of unity at last – Ambazonia STRUGGLE”

  1. Thanks be to GOD!! Well done, my broda dem! You guys are INTELLIGENT, WISE, PATRIOTIC, RESOURCEFUL and GOAL-ORIENTED. BRAVO!!!
    Keep this UNITY going forever! The SHED BLOOD of our fellow fighters DEMANDS that we SUCCEED!!! Thank You Generals!!!
    God Bless You All! God Bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia!!!

  2. Let the IG CONCENTRATE ON DIPLOMACY and take the time to clean house of ALL CROOKS. IG STAY AWAY FROM MILITARY OPERATIONS ON THE GROUND. You have proven to be DEADLY to the military aspect of this struggle. STAY AWAY and let the AMF conglomerate of Generals handle this!
    IG, concentrate on the UN, AU and in building International Relationships that can help this Struggle. STOP MESSING UP OUR GENERALS!!!
    IG, YOU have proven to be INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT, FRATRICIDAL, ETC IN YOUR ATTEMPTS TO CONTROL THE MILITARY ASPECT OF THIS STRUGGLE. Leave this to the Generals. They are the ones who are feeling the pain, who know their terrain, who know what is doable or not doable. Listen to them and coordinate their plans with your diplomatic push.

  3. Wunna stop that Wunna armed robbery wey Wunna di so down there say restoration forces. You are on your own now. If Wunna like Wunna burn down all our houses. Blackmailing, extortion and armed robbery is what you guys are doing now. You have lost our support. Rubbish

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