AMBAZONIAN WOMEN'S hearts are being roasted everyday?CHECK WHY

2 months ago

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How do we generate the smiles to wear on our faces tomorrow when our hearts are being roasted everyday? This day used to be one of those remarkable days we actually feel Cherished, Praised and Appreciated so to bring out the WOMAN in us but not anymore. We just can’t continue living in pretence.

We grieve for the Dead, the Displaced, the Lost, the Homeless, the Destitute. What are Women of the NW & SW commemorating on 8th of March?

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They acknowledge that there was No need to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 amidst absolute Pain and Danger.


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “AMBAZONIAN WOMEN'S hearts are being roasted everyday?CHECK WHY”

  1. Even one drop of tear from your eyes shall be accounted for. Wipe your tears mothers. God has recorded your pain and will respond at His appointment time.

  2. Paul Biya is a real demonic terrorist sponsored by France , The United Nations, Britain, African Union and China. The tears 😭 of these innocent mothers shall never go in vain. Waw!! 😡😡😡

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