One thought on “Ambazonians and Camerounaise, Caged by a Megalomaniac Paul Biya”

  1. fake doctor Ebenezer are you here again. enjoy your asylum. you do all this noise to get attention and be granted full refugee status because you are fake asylum. enjoy your benefits with free houses,free food,free school for your son, free medical care,free gas,free water,free electricity. but don't send innocent people back home who are suffering to be killed in the street while hiding in your bedroom producing nonsense video and enjoying good live with your son. I know that you are in birmingham if you want a debate face to face about all this issue of so called southern cameroon, let arrange a meet up to discuss as gentlemen. Stupid and slave you are a typical type of person that when the colonial master came to colonise great grand parents they were using traitor like you to divide them in order to reign and implement their colonial policies. you are slave and will die slave.

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