1. Bunch of deceivers,manipulators, instigators of violence,kidnappings,killings,rapes,ransomings,burning down of schools and properties,terrorism…..all those threatening the existence of cameroon and want to rewrite the history of cameroon in their own way will pay for it

  2. Stupid idiots,rolling down on the floor is not enough it will be better to bang your heads on the concrete.as long as you continue to finance terrorism in the 2 regions of cameroon the state legitimate right to violence will be use against your criminals

  3. Gang of manipulators,instigators of atrocities in the 2 regions of cameroon through social media.your devilish activities and evil agenda will never succeed.πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²

  4. Patrishia Scotland came to Cameroun and was corrupted to turn a blind eye to the genocide killings of the people of Southern Cameroon Ambazonia by the military forces of La Republique du Cameroun ordered by Paul Biya.

  5. What a bunch of Idiots… It seems that you have totally ignored the meaning of the word sovereignty…., a very powerful word. If it wasn’t about this word Africa could have been recolonized openly today. No one could impose to Cameroon how to rule his territory. You could start building houses in the middle of the UK’s roads this will not change anything in Cameroon.

  6. They have no idea of the true agenda. Europe will mostly be underwater in two or three decades. The jews will take over a largely depopulated Africa and won't let blacks return. That's also why efforts to stop the desert spreading are sabotaged. The jews plan to irrigate it for arable farming when they have mostly got rid of Africans.
    Leaving Africa – big mistake.

  7. This should be continuous amd weekly until biya is locked up at the hague and he dies there and his corpse desecrated. We must be free. Anglophones will not be the slaves of biya. Keep it up brothers. Here in Scandinavia we are not sleeping. In North america we are not sleeping. In asia we are not sleeping. In Australia and new zealand we are not sleeping. In all africa we are not sleeping. On ground zero we are not sleeping. God bless the restoration of our independence.

  8. Having this people realized buy now freedom is an illusion.
    independence from whom you remove one corrupt government you get another one. and even governments are under bondage of bigger governments .
    Who rules the world but the bankers and The Descendants organized criminals blessed and crowned by the Catholic Church.
    It is a capitalistic dictatorship run by multinational corporations that nose no boundary that is who rules you.
    So tell me in your euphoric mind did you conceive this fact but separated flag means nothing except to make the few in your land that control the resources and the politics rich.
    But you who are protesting in British streets or dying in your little jungles fighting with whatever you have believing you will be free it is an illusion you are fighting for.
    To make who will control you make them wealthy but they don't protest with you nor do they fight like you they just sit somewhere and propagate your mind with an illusion of freedom
    and let you shed your blood and at the end they get The Spoils of War.
    It has happened many times it will happen again
    Free your mind from the propaganda of nationality for that is how they control you and me
    They have lied to you and you have to believe their lies there is no kind of rain Nigeria England India new America it is all one world and we are the human species
    Everything else is a form of control

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