23 thoughts on “Ambazonians stand for the truth and nothing but the truth as THE WANT TOTAL SOVEREIGNTY”

  1. I don't know where u are in the world. Know that before u sit out there and form stories, GZ already knows the truth. The Camroom military has already leaks out ivos last words. G. Ivo was no longer comfortable with Ayaba's attitude. He was at the edge of living Ayaba b4 He killed him. Do ur investigation on ground GZ, u will hear just this. Ivo even shouted to the hearing of those around. So pls, spare ur time for other things

  2. Who killed our boys in batibo? Who set ADF camp in Fon Mukete's Cocoa farm to protect it? Who killed gen Ivo bcuz, he treathen to expose Ayaba and AGC dirty secret dealing with Lrc? Who is planning to kill gen RK just like he did to Gen Amigo? Who is texting back and forth with his general in GZ on how they will use their new weapons supplied by LRC to bring down the Red Dragons? Who asked his general in GZ is chief Mukete's manager has given the money, and how much is still left from it? My dear don't waste your time yaa. Maybe ayaba the killer and traitor still has to tripple your own portion of the money he took from Lrc and chief mukete so that you will do a better job of fully foolish Ambazonians . For your infor, we are not fools, we have watched all this while and we the people want to let you AGC payroll surrogates know that our President Sisseko/pa Tassang are still alive by God's grace, and are not dead like you guys have always prayed for. Trust me you guys in the AGC are worse than cancer that kills slowly. I and my family will rather stay with our American passport/ LRc ,than accept that of Ambazonia with Ayaba Cho as leader. Apostle Suleman of Nigeria prophesy has come to pass that some so called leaders n fighters are not genuine, they are compromised already and are not fighting for the people of Ambazonia. The God of the oppressed people of Ambazonia has seen our tears and heard our cries and has exposed the canker worms, the Achans, the Cains ,and the Judas Iscariot in the house. And his judgement is coming soon bcuz we are on our kneels and He who rule with justice and truth will plug out all i mean all the cancers in this revolution to save the suffering masses. 8million people can not and will not perish bcus, of a groyp of selfish , power greedy and money mongering individuals who have no regards for human lives ,but themselves. Go and preach that your cheap conspiracy to birth in the bushes and to your AGC payroll surrogates and tell them to repent or many will pick papers on the streets. You can't keep destroying human lives and think you will go free. Nerver

  3. Fear God !!! when you cannot even speak the truth about the ADF???? . Why did the ADF engage in attacking their own brothers in different localities, even their own members who want to think possitive are victims!! Knowing that the IG is of God, the anti…. used Akwanga to order the kidnapping of catholic priest&collection of millions from a priest, closure&sealing of the cath church & ….. at muyenge!!! The muyenge….. All these to provoke God's anger on the southern cameroun&IG &even the camerouns but thank God that He is not man like us but God , who sees & understands better&best!! Oh God takeup your Mighty Arm over the southern cameroun &the camerouns as a whole !! So as to leting your Light to Shine &overcome darkness,by exposing every satanic agenda intending obstruct or disturb God' s new plans for the camerouns!!!! Oh Virgin Mary- standing on mount cameroun, pray for us & beg your Son-Our Savior Jesus Christ to show us the way out of all these troubles&pains!!! Let the light shine on the Moungo River & on the camerouns!!!! Thank you JESUS. AMEN.

  4. You need deliverence to understand that u are simply wearing the coat of Ayaba C. whom u ignore, is the one that signed a deal & as usual cann't even tell u his subjects the truth!! Those amongst his subjects who happen to know the truth about his deals, he …..!!!!! Oh God come with your Mighty Arm!!!!!!

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