18 thoughts on “Ambazonians vs LRC KING Paul Biya : who is controlling international perception of the conflict?”

  1. To control international perception requires speaking an international language but of course the spokesperson of the IG lectures in pidgin English. The conclusion is obvious isn't it?

  2. this control of international support shoud hve started 10 or 15 years ago to prepare them. now even NIGERIA cannot afford to support the armed struggle because no international state will want to back any separation war now as the world is already going mad. where was all the leaders 10 years ago? if we believe the problem was ongoing in ambazonia. this STRUGGLE LOOKS SPONTANIOUS to the international community . thats why nobody is prepared to military back up. A CONSTANT , STRONG, POWERFULL non violent assault would have rally the entire world agains biya…….that means as lesson never take a harsh decision in angar

  3. we dont know how to tell that story because we quickly choosed to respond armed attack without even any diplomatic discussion with nigeria. if we choosed international diplomacy at the beginning , there would have been a serious back up.

  4. We need to create a forum where all of us should register before joining.We should make sure that those found in the forum should only be Ambazonians.The next thing is that we should have a clear strategy of how we manage our GZ FORCES.We should inform all Ambazonians who has received what services on GZ and on what cost.
    WE should be able to send across proposals and get feedback from the AMBAZONIAN citizens and we should jointly decide on solutions.We cannot just stay quiet and choose who to sponsor and how to spend fumss without anyone getting feedback. The IG has never asked or known how some Some GZ FORCES survived.
    This means we cannot safe them in any way.Then why the struggle?

  5. all what you are saying now should have been the way. go back to all your previous videos where you was supporting the war. you were told several times that non violence would have put even NIGERIA on board of the struggle. one more mistake was for the leaders to call the TUMI CONFERENCE illigal

  6. if DR SAKHO calls off the war he will seriously damage biya an international community will back him. for now as war is ragging everybody will believe he is terrorist as dubbed by tchiroma

  7. Why don't you join the IG and contribute your ideas in the government, you are a spoiler and not a constructor. You think you know but you don't want to be part of the strategic block instead you rant on social media just to project yourself, the way you are using "we" and "you" it seems you are not an Ambazonian, who are you advising, please join the team and be an expert in the team instead of claiming "oversabi" here.

  8. Comrade Asu just reminded me of something. We have an interim Government, if I may ask what are it's functions if they are not operating in diplomatic fronts?. President Sisiku Ayuk made some diplomatic moves before his arrest. It will be very important for us to know what are the diplomatic moves IG Dr Sako Samuel made since his take over from the absent of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe?.

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