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2 months ago

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The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “Ambazonians Watch This & See Something For Yourself | Watch & See Something | Watch”

  1. You people think you can continue confusing the good people of AMBAZONIA with this your old videos just because you want to have relevant?. There is only one leader that the international community recognise and those leaders are in jail in Cameroon. In life , what is not yours is not yours no matter how hard you try. Just be realistic with life and stop this childish behaviour to delay the AMBAZONIA quest for independent. Leadership is not forced. Leadership is earned and leaders do the right things .

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  3. What about the route cause that gave birth the subordinates you are mentioning? Marginalization, underdevelopment, economic deprivation, destruction of the educational system, centralized government and practices, imposition of the French legal system;systematic destruction of the private sector businesses, exclusive exploitation of all natural resources etc, etc; just to name a few.
    The lawyers and teachers's strike and the government of Paul Biya's intentional crackdown led to current situation in the FORMER BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROON/AMBASSONIA.

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