Amen #

1 year ago

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----------> Support the Nchang shoe boys via above link as we want to exert serious incursion on the ground. Ambazonians pls forward to all friends and family on your whatsapp. Let us rise like one people one power and kick out the occupier LRC from our land. Aluta Continua # freesouhterncameroon #freeayuktabe #freepatassang --------
Amen #

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The Struggle Continues

17 thoughts on “Amen #”

  1. Copy the the plan of action send to these praying houston attendees. send to leaders. . Without them reading it .its useless. they ll be wasting time. doing the wrong thing. and without strategy the plan is the strategy. .Another thing. some body must present those pictures of those arrested. killed and a message of decolonization from Lrc. and not anglophone marginalization .to a us senator who will present to the us congress against sanctions for cameroun. paul biya.

  2. Had we present a clear cut decolonization message to Au or Un and evidence of non signatory of the plebiscite vote treaty. by ahijo. evidence that SC WAS ALREADY INDEPENDENCE IN UN 1961 VOTING 50-2 ,evidence of unelected cameroun adminusteators sent to Sc. evidence of Sc beeing called a province of cameroun. by ahijo .without any treaty….. No mention of the word anglophone please. then you have a request for a peacekeeping force to be sent to SC. you had worn clean and clear. .adding any thing else from your own mind spoils it. notice that all i just wrote. its not my truth. but a universal truth already out THERE. but i takes a great BRIGHT MIND TO PIECE TOGETHER HAD WE HAD THIS GREAT MIND SINCE 1961 AND ACTED .SC WOULD HAD BEEN SOUVEREIGN ALREADY

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