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BREAKING NEWS FROM The American envoy to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, and United States Vice president Mike Pence describing the United States as the “moral conscience” of the world that must fight to protect human rights and prevent genocide from some of the world’s dangerous and evil dictators like Paul Biya who is fully sponsored and supported by France to kill his own people in the name of mineral resources. These honorable Americans dismissed the United Nations Human Rights Council as “so corrupt” by offering evidence like the case of France who is a united Nations security council permanent members fully supporting and empowering Paul Biya who has violated all the human rights laws in the books but still be supported by France to kill his own people in a proxy war sponsored by France because of mineral resources.Both Nikki R. Haley and Vice president Mike Pence delivered pointed attacks on the United Nations Human Rights Council, the main international body meant to promote and defend human rights but are instead sponsoring and promoting worst human rights violations in the world. “I mean, the Human Rights Council is so corrupt,” she said, adding that it includes “bad actors” who use it to protect themselves and the governments that they support like Mr. Khassim Diagne a former UNHCR boss in Cameroon, Nadine Njoya and Mathew Willis now working at the United Nations secretary general office as direct advisers to Antonio Guterres. These individuals knowingly destroyed videos evidence, falsifies Ambazonian most sensitive documents in a calculated attempt to conceal and cover up for President Paul Biya. It is also alleged that Mr. Khassim Diagne is a double agent of President Paul Biya regime who is blocking any shred of video evidence or documents that are incriminating to Paul Biya from reaching Antonio Guterres in order to make proper decisions or public statements on the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. It is also alleged that Khassim Diagne is a double agent for Paul Biya and was paid $10,000,000.00 by the Paul Biya Regime and France with the full intent to impede and obstruct any UN investigation agency from coming to Cameroon to conduct a thorough investigation about the genocide or massacre that killed thousands of people, with thousands more severely wounded and displaced, both externally and internally displaced, and missing. Unfortunately Mr. Khassim Diagne recommended to the secretary general that President Paul Biya regime should conduct his own investigation in the killings and burning of villages and communities by the Cameroon army. Why would United Nations be asking the same criminal Paul Biya to investigate his own self if this is not witchcraft? One of the criteria for the United Nations Security Council to act is when there are gross violations of international humanitarian law like the case of tyrants like Paul Biya who has commanded his army to shoot and kill civilians including women and children cannot be brought to justice then what kind of organization is the United Nations security council all about?. If the big powers like France, Russia, China and Great Britain lack the will or vision to prosecute Paul Biya for war crimes against humanity, then throw it at the United Nations at least to camouflage responsibility. Again, Mr. Khassim Diagne, Ms Njoya Nadine, Mathew Willis and the UN carried the brunt of the blame, but what about the major powers? When United nations permanent members like China, Russia, and France are openly supporting and financing Paul Biya’s army to kill more Anglophones just because they are deeply involved in investment interests in Ambazonia mineral resources by all cost. Why would these united nations security council members instead sign oil and gas contracts with Ambazonia interim government instead Paul Biya they are using to sponsor proxy wars against Ambazonians. Come rain or come sun, Ambazonia will be free in Jesus mighty name Amen.


The Struggle Continues


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