Amnesty International: 400 Killed In ‘Escalating Violence’ In Cameroon This Year

8 months ago

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“Around 400 civilians have been killed this year in escalating attacks between armed separatist groups and security forces in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions, Amnesty International said Tuesday.

The human rights organization said it had recorded 260 security incidents, including cases of kidnapping of civilians and violence between Cameroon’s soldiers and armed Anglophone separatists, since January.

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Amnesty International said it authenticated two videos it received last week showing graphic images of a beheaded Cameroonian security officer. The videos also captured a man who said he belonged to Ambazonia Liberation Forces, a separatist group demanding a secession from the West African country.

CNN has not independently authenticated the videos and is unable to immediately reach Ambazonia Liberation Forces for comment.

Since 2016, at least 160 soldiers have been killed by armed separatists calling for independence from the French-speaking regions of Cameroon, according to Amnesty International.

Separatist fighters unleashed attacks on a group of soldiers in the city of Buea, in southwest Cameroon. in September, Amnesty International said.

Witnesses said they heard gunfire exchanged on the night of the incident.”

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