Amnesty International on Cameroon: Credible Evidence Army Responsible for Shocking Atrocities.VIDEO

7 months ago

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Amnesty International on the Atrocious Execution of Women/Children & the Prevailing Situation in Ambazonia
Barely a month after its damming report on the human rights atrocities of the terrorist regime of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) in Ambazonia, International Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International has again hit hard on the colonial regime following the emergence of a gruesome video depicting the extra judicial execution of two women and two children by the terrorist forces of the regime in the Boko Haram striken North of LRC.
In a press statement issued earlier today July 12, 2018 titled; Cameroon: Credible Evidence that Army Personnel Responsible for Shocking Extrajudicial Executions Caught on Video , the human right body stated that investigation by its experts has gathered credible evidence that it was LRC terrorist soldiers depicted in a video carrying out the horrific extrajudicial executions of two women and two young children.
While welcoming the pretentious decision of the regime to carry out an investigation to ascertain what actually happened, Amnesty International however regrets the fact that the diabolic regime through the Ministry of Communication earlier dismissed video footage of the executions as “fake news” and so cast doubts as to the seriousness of any investigation.
According to the human rights body, extensive analysis of the weapons, dialogue and uniforms that feature in the footage, paired with digital verification techniques and testimonies taken from the ground, all further corroborate that the genocidal perpetrators are actually terrorist soldiers of LRC.


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5 thoughts on “Amnesty International on Cameroon: Credible Evidence Army Responsible for Shocking Atrocities.VIDEO”

  1. Thank you for exposing the Cameroonian brutality and heartless army and politicians who lie through the skin of their teeth in a bid to hide these atrocities

  2. Thanks lady's and gentlemen for me there's no human rights . Because the world is open than before , rich countries are no ready to help poor countries for 100% . The bissnes is . White people can not leave poor countries because of benefits.

  3. la France avec son président Emmanuel Macron en outage les exactions commises par le gouvernement du Cameroun, tout ceci dans le but protéger les entreprises du CAC 40 qui ont leurs représentations sur le sol Camerounais. Ceci s'est encore vérifié avec son soutient non masqué en ce qui concerne la crise anglophone ou un génocide est en cours.
    Ce qui fait la difference entre une armée souveraine et des terroristes est qu'elle a certes le droit de défendre une idéologie dictatoriale ou pas mais quelle doit respecter les droits de l'homme. on ne peut accepter la mort d'êtres humain juste par ce qu'ils sont suspectés, sinon c'est de l'anarchie. j'espère que la CPI poursuivra même plus tard tous ceux qui ont coordonné, protégé ou encouragé ces crimes contre l'humanité. Merci Amnesty International pour exposer ces actes barbares au grand jour.

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