Amnesty warns of ‘horrific’ violence in Cameroon’s anglophone regions

8 months ago

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In tonight’s edition: Amnesty warns of the escalating violence in Cameroon’s anglophone crisis.
South Africa legalises personal and private use of cannabis in a landmark ruling.
And Nigerians go to social media to discover whet their home country has to offer.

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The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “Amnesty warns of ‘horrific’ violence in Cameroon’s anglophone regions”

  1. No way I would spend hard earned money to vacation anywhere in Africa. The continent is unsafe for native peoples, why would someone from a first world country be in Africa for fun? We go there to help, like in Doctors without boarders or UN workers. These people have security teams that watch their backs. Africa is violent and untrustworthy as far as I can tell. LEAVE AFRICA TO THE AFRICANS . . . .

  2. Just incredible. The murderous insanity of these people is incomprehensible. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin and everything to do with the size and construction of their brains. Feel free to argue otherwise.

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