1. You are right by saying that the territory needs the people to leave and stay in but those who took the arms to attack the territorial integrity of cameroon will be fought just like it happened in other countries. You have stood up for war to impose your way and will and the statistics you have given are the consequences of your action. You are not directly or suffering from these consequences because you are in the USA.

  2. the People of the Northwest will not fall into your traps.your terrorists gangsters are having some kind of success in south West you are celebrating and there is a reason for that and we will see in some months ahead what will happen

  3. Eric if you must be reminded, it's only hand pick Anglophone cowards in the Southern Cameroon still think of merry making with francophones of La Republique du Cameroun and those profiting from the regime think they are satisfy and safe in the fake union of both Cameroons. The fight continues to our favor Ambazonia.

  4. Let me debunke this Eric tataw liar. First Mr tataw if u want to talk abt a subject make sure u master it. Talk abt manyu, mamfe l will shut up cz l have very little knowledge abt the area. But please don't talk about Scandinavian countries when u know nothing abt.
    1st pre-nursery n nursery is paid in all Scandinavians countries.
    2nd. The primary resources in Norway is oil from the north sea then services. Fishing as u quote it is regulated by EU cz Norway is member of the EEA. Scandinavians have the highest living standards bcz they r willing or they builded a wealth faire system base on higher tax for the the higher earners.
    3 Mr tataw u have never been in Scandinavia nor study in Scandinavia otherwise u would know what ERASMUS programme is abt. It's not a Norwegian nor Scandinavian programme but Europeans n only EU citizen benefit from financial support during that programme. It's an internal EU n last time l check cameroun isn't one so Mr tataw how did u benefit from ERASMUS. I will stop here for now.
    If Mr tataw can lie abt simple things we can check what abt state classified documents that he pretends to knows abt. I challenge Mr tataw to prouve his scholarship from noway online or just give us his former CPR number under that scholarship. Once a liar always liar. I pitie all those who clap for this idiot.

  5. Biya paul mortgaging ambazonian oil gas. and others resources its like greece mortgaging italy wealth simply because italy doesnt have an army. the day italy creats its own army with tanks . missiles. fighters s300. grads. helicopters and drones and war ships. greece will suddenly pack and leave. biya or his predecessor cannot leave ambazonia .not untill he sees our own tanks and fighter jets dropping bombs in yaounde and mvomeja abd sangmalema and eboliwa. power only fears. power not words. words are not weapons. only critical thinkers solve problems

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