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And who said ODESHY tigers could not die by bullets? 23!!! Maaama!! Lhistoire la, Hmmmm allons s…

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And who said ODESHY tigers could not die by bullets? 23!!!
Maaama!! Lhistoire la, Hmmmm allons seulement


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Courtesy of… Stanley King Foncham || 2018-02-13 10:20:12

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  1. Hahaha nonsense….let them tell us the exact number of military who died…rubbish

  2. And the Crook Radio and Television CRTV hasn’t been singing praises about the killings of the Tigers???

  3. Modika Itel says:

    They have not mentioned those who were shot by the add at batibo

  4. Che Bobo says:

    23 killed according to them. Y are their dead bodies not shown as b4? Where are the weapons? All these is reported speech from army spokesman and nothing more.

  5. Abdel Nasser says:

    Haha,blind leading the blinds.thats la republic setup.lying news paper,civilians killed,news papers call them assailants.mr king as wey you too di fear die,let me assure you,your time is soon.hahaha

  6. Zero assailants battue. All those who were killed were innocent civilians. But more than 15 BIRS were killed in addition to the gendarmes.

  7. Nguh Georgy says:

    I wonder what is eating all the corpses of the civilians and military that die in this war.

  8. Lies, your scouts only go out and kill innocent people

  9. Chaiiii this people them di lie pass CRTV. Even when them pass with 8 soldiers their die bodies 4 MAMFE here after the kembong confrontation

  10. Jude Suliy says:

    thats their own way of reporting the deaths of the innocent ppl they brutalised.

  11. Princess Kim says:

    They always show us the dead bodies. why didn’t they show us this time
    ?All this is to keep on fooling francophones but very soon they will rise against this tyranny regime of devil biya.

  12. So u are aware that the odeshey guys exixt?

  13. BREAKING IMPRESSIVE NEWS FROM AMBAZONIA FIGHTERS 11 FEBRUARY BATTLEFRONT FIERCELY ACCURATE, AND SELECTIVE SURGICAL STRIKING VICTORIES THAT KILLED 28 BIYA’S SOLDIERS WITH 20 MORE BADLY WOUNDED TO NEAR DEAD IN THE NEXT COMING DAYS ACROSS AMBAZONIA TERRITORY TO SEND AMBAZONIA MESSAGES OF DEADLY INTENT TO KILL OR CAPTURE ANYONE WHO DARE TO BREAK THE LAWS OF AMBAZONIA. ALL AMBAZONIA FREEDOM FIGHTERS HAD TO USED SPEED AND ACCURACY IN THE MOST MODERN URBAN WARFARE EVER KNOWN WITH DIAGNOSTIC PRECISION TO MINIMIZED CIVILIAN CASUALTIES LIKE THE CASE OF ARRESTING THE DIVISIONAL OFFICER FOR BATIBO WHO WAS DEEPLY SEATED INSIDE THE CROWD WITH FOUR GENDARMES AS BODY GUARDS SURROUNDING HIM THAT WERE COMPLETELY DISARMED AND SENT TO THEIR EARLY GRAVES BEFORE THE DIVISIONAL OFFICER WAS FULLY CAPTURED ALIVE. The divisional officer for Batibo was primarily targeted for being notoriously known as Biya’s secret executioner in reporting, arresting, kidnapping, torturing terrorizing and killing of innocent Ambazonians in Batibo communities in record numbers never seen or heard from an Ambazonia citizen from Ndian county who flatly betrayed his own brothers and sisters to serve his evil master Biya that made him to be arrested and taken to an unknown destination for illegally leading a banned 11 February celebration in Ambazonia territory without permission. He was fatally shot and killed by Biya’s own soldiers in a failed crossfire of rescue operation that ended his life. All traitors are considered as enemies and subject to the ferocious and gruesome punishment of being hanged, executed, drawn, and quartered by the righteous enactments and by the due process of the laws of Ambazonia. Nih John Fru Ndi and many other traitors must sit up or face the same execution style killing for mixing things up in trying to undermine Ambazonia independent restoration. There will be no peace, no election, no 20 May celebration, No senatorial election and no CPDM activities in Ambazonia territory again.

  14. Doh Sama says:

    Good work, kill them all. Rebecca Ngonde, I curse you and all your family Satanic bitch

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