Anglophone Cameroonians intensify protests [The Morning Call]

2 years ago

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A fight over colonial languages is dividing Cameroonians. Anglophones have been protesting since November last year against the dominance of the French language; the official language in four-fifths of the Paul Biya led country. Residents of the Anglophone regions stayed home from work and school as part of a strike.…

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The Struggle Continues

One thought on “Anglophone Cameroonians intensify protests [The Morning Call]”

  1. I just have to put this out there before someone comments that an African country is fighting over European languages. Yes, colonialism was bad, but it brought with it some positive aspects – language being one of them. We have hundreds of distinct local dialects, but the English language united us at another level. Americans kept English as their language after they kicked away the British and gained independence. Look at them today.

    Also, it's funny how those who make this argument fail to realise that the Democracy which they want for African countries is a European system of governance. Just saying.

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