5 thoughts on “ARCC Chairlady and AGC Chairman AYABA CHO Targeted Diplomacy and Homeland Defense of AMBAZONIA”

  1. Thanks Dr. Ayaba.

    But while our faces are painted for humans God knows the heart of the individual. Let us pray and talk truthfully, sincerely and move forward with the giant steps of God.

    Let us move on with a spirit of truth. Let us avoid statements that pull us back. Let us avoid pretentious step Mrs chairperson.

    Your language is still going many days back. Please you are talking to intellectuals who understand. Avoid the roundabouts. One statement can pull people back. Let us pull everybody together. You need to polish some of the things you say. Respect the IG.

    Power, my their Dr is not struggled for during a revolution but all must focus on the goal. Until that goal – freedom – is reached we cannot fight ourself.

    Stay focus and criticize all our brothers when we land in Buea.

    Stay blessed for Ambaland

  2. no negotiatetion in this struggle because God made the earth He shares the land and resources to every country. God said love one another , when the love is not flowing you go away dose it means that you have negotiate with your property after killing rape destroying burning because of resources? no we fight and take our land in the hands and release of our people in cominicadue before any forine countries fit step in. thank you.

  3. Thank you guys for the great work done for our quest for freedom. We’re looking to contribute to the upcoming Ambazonian recognition in Europe..

    We must be free come rain come sun β˜€οΈ evil French Cameroon with their French puppet. Evils πŸ¦‰πŸ¦‰πŸ˜ˆπŸ’©πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘»πŸ‘»

  4. This diplomacy you 're talking about. When you for instance meets a diplomat and he or she embarrases you with the of "ARE YOU UNITED "?. What will be your answer. This is what's killing this revolution and dragging us backward. Paul biya is using this as a tole, for instance his recent delegation just sent to the UN to meet Guterres and some members of the US Gov't, got assurances from Guterres saying he's going to cover Paul Biya war crimes conducted in the Southern Cameroon Ambazonia.

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