Archbishop Samuel Kleda-IMPOSSIBLE for Biya election win in Far North, NW & SW Regions of Cameroon.

8 months ago

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Archbishop Samuel Kleda has expressed doubts over Biya’s election win in the Far North, North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.
He told journalists in a press conference in Douala this Tuesday October 23rd.

« I don’t see up to 89% of people going through such suffering voting for the same person who has been there, doing nothing about the hardship of the people…the far north is one of the poorest and undeveloped regions in Cameroon…I am seriously puzzled by those figures…, » the Archbishop of the Metropolitan Archbishop Diocese in Douala told journalists today.

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On the overwhelming win of Paul Biya in the embattled North West and South West regions, the President of the National Episcopal Conference asked to know where the voters came from when majority of people in the Anglophone regions are displaced.
The figures advanced according to him,are questionable.

Archbishop Samuel Kleda equally lashed at what he called “hasty ruling of the Constitutional Council”.
« I think all the candidates, Kamto, Cabral and Osih had a strong case and proofs to show there were irregularities, especially the petition of the SDF on the North West and South West Regions where few people voted…They had to be listened to them… Cameroon is a country with the rule of law, the council kept rejecting all the limitations which was not normal.. » Samuel Kleda told the press today.

The Archbishop of the Metropolitan Archbishop Diocese in Douala concluded that results of election in most Central African countries are known, even before voters go to the polls and that the case of Cameroon was not any different.


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5 thoughts on “Archbishop Samuel Kleda-IMPOSSIBLE for Biya election win in Far North, NW & SW Regions of Cameroon.”

  1. Si au moins il n y avait plus de pauvreté dans son église. Je comprendrais pourquoi nous lui faisons toujours confiance lui qui se cache dans sa robe de prêtre pour faire de la politique. si au moins il partageait les quêtes du dimanche avec les plus pauvre je comprendrais peut être pourquoi l'homme de dieux pense que l'argent et la cupidité sont les seules raisons choix.

  2. The Bishop, Samuel made an irrational statement, that he is not convince that the President Mr Paul Biya could get that many votes in the Northern area of the Country. His assessment carries no weight without prove. As a man of God he can not judge or make any determination about a situation such as the election. He can not be a politician and a religious leader at the same time. He is suppose to pray for the Country for peace as other religious leaders. Please Bishop examine your self and your status. Thank you.

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