1. Its really a pity , you are disgrace to anyone like me who saw you like a role model . Go back to the drawing table , match your words with your actions . SHAME ON YOU AYABA !!! SHAME IF YOU CANNOT CLARIFY , I MEAN REAL CLARIFICATION OF WHAT TRANSPIRED IN LONDON , then I SWEAR ATANGA NJI IS BETTER THAN YOU because a Hypocrite (Ayaba) is worse than a devil (Atanga) .

  2. In as much as I don't support foolish & the people vomiting it, our comrade was never questioned & found guilty anywhere, can we let him defend himself to the ambazonian people b4 everyone hastefully condemn him? Maybe it was an error coz no one received training for the management of this revolution hence, we must err in one way or another in a bit to do the best for the struggle…. we're still brothers & sisters so let's treat one own with some moderations so as to avoid future occurrences….*na my own I talk so*

  3. Dr. Ayaba please remember you are a leader in this revolution and please have restraint when these LRC social media dogs are creating all negative information to confuse our people. So much attacks  on one leader is evident that the enemy is aware of where the strength of the struggle is. People remember Ambazonians are not fools and we know who a strong leader is. A true leader will do what ever it takes to free his people. Mandela was hated too but he stood firm to his conviction and today every body loves him. Remember the beginning of the struggle no other leader today except Dr. Akwanga believed in the ground game and you guys were hated. Today the same people want to claim they know the ground game. Dr. keep the fight till we are free. Freedom is not cheap else we will be in Buea already.

  4. Trying to talk and sound big…global travels, NY Times…what a ludicrous individual. The last interview you granted was when brave ambazonians busted you in London with a Hausa bag in hand!

  5. I feel sorry for this English speaking cameroonians. Because they behave like cattles. They don't have personal judgement. If the first statement is negative, every other person will just write negative to. You don't even think that he took that risk because he is financially exhausted and needs to provide something more to his fighters.

  6. Thanks for the update sir. And please be careful. You are a good leader. Keep your head high and may the good Lord continue to endow you with the vision to lead our people. We love you.

  7. Lrc is working very hard with his agents to bring you town,they are just worrying themselves,today you see people that have never been in support of this revolution,running their mouth and calling themselves ambalanders

  8. Tigers should unconditionally stop attacking forces of comrade Ayaba, Tigers should distance themselves from Chris Anus n Sako Ikome for their failure for My trip to Buea funds which they have embezzled and then set up a propaganda to blackmail comrade Ayaba, simply to divert attention of MTTB funds they have used for personal interest and the same sako n chris Anu collaboration with LRC, using The NIGERIAN born Ibo man Nwachuku Eric Tataw to blackmail comrade Ayaba Lucas instead of uniting Amba against the enemy it Sako n chris Anu are in romance with Atangaji Paul

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