Art and Protest: Voices and Visions of Artists from Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis

8 months ago

This workshop on “Art and Protest” features an informal discussion among the following artists: Leslie Barlow (U. of Minnesota), Shanell Kitt (Howard U.), Ife (Keshad) Adeniyi (Howard U.), and Cosmo Whyte (Morehouse College). Participants discuss how their artistic practices are informed by contemporary and historical protests, the role of art in protests, and the aesthetic principles of art and design that inform their work. They talk about the different media used in their art, the pedagogies that inform their teaching of art in different spaces (e.g. colleges, prisons, public spaces, etc.), and how art is transformed across these spaces and in the hands of different publics, privates, and communities.


The Struggle Continues

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