5 thoughts on “Ashu Kingsley message to Ayaba Cho and what is his target in this struggle”

  1. Excellent pronouncements Mr Ashu. Well articulated message, you sound smarter than the so called scammer Ayaba who refers to himself as doctor. Mushroom doctors interested and desperate for fake oil deals!

  2. I see this more of a tribal war than the normal fight. You guys should open your eyes and see that the same people you are fighting against have infiltrated your ranks and causing division (north west-south west divide) you have all gathered your forces to fight to fight ayaba and others. Am sure you have realised that all south westerners are against ayaba while the north westerners are with him. Can someone help you all know that the same person you claim to cease independence from is distracting you?. Wake up and reason and stop fighting your brethren. This is to tell you that those you are fighting against are more educated, quick to reasoning and brilliant than some of you are.

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