Ask Kweschon! Part 1

1 year ago

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In the wake of the resistance of the people of Southern Cameroon against over 55 years of marginalisation by the French puppets in the government of Cameroon, it is of utmost importance, that we teach our children and citizens of Southern Cameroon about their own very history. We are a people and not just one ethnic group, as the Francophones tend to define us with the words like “Les Anglophones”, as if we were just another tribe in that country. In this program called “ASK KWESCHON!”, Manunga Studio again has come out with another pedagogic project to make valuable information known to the people lest chanced to get them, namely, the non-educated folk. That’s the reason why ASK KWESCHON! is done and presented only in Pidgin. After it’s cult award laden program, ASK DOCTA!, Manunga Studio has come up again with another magic solution to the wide spread lack of fundamental information in our society.


The Struggle Continues

One thought on “Ask Kweschon! Part 1”

  1. Thanks again for the wonderful service of Manunga Studio project. Now you are offering "Ask Kweschon" to the masses to better know, learn and digest our common history. Marginalization dates back many decades. Remember one of the best government HS in the SW, formally called Lycee Bilingue Molyko Buea and one of it principals, called Tamfack, who commcercialized the admission process at that institution, demanding hundreds of CFA from prospective parents seeking admission to that HS. He remained at the head of that HS for many years with the protection of Dr. D. Njeuma, the Education Boss from Yaounde. Just a reminder and this went on for many years….. Enough is Enough. Could go on , but good for now..

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