Atanga Nji will surely be buried alive very soon Poor him AND THE EKEMA KARMA watch video

11 months ago

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1. Ambazonia Southern Zone becomes ungovernable. Southern Zone Governor Okalia Bilai now lives and works from Douala; tiptoes sometimes to Buea under tight security. The Colonial Administrators for Ndian County, Lebialem and parts of Manyu have since abandoned their posts. Meanwhile, Ambazonia restoration forces have issued a warning to all colonial administrators still residing in Buea to ‘leave or face the consequences’. #ThePOST

2. Unrepentant Atanga Nji Paul provokes Sisiku AyukTabe and other abducted IG Members over CRTV; “we are taking good care of ‘anglophone’ detainees. Some of them weighed 70 kg when they just came from Nigeria. Today, they weigh up to 90 kg”. #CRTV

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3. Ekema Patrick regains consciousness after a two-hours black out. He’d fainted shortly after hearing of the passing away of five of his “right-hand men” around the Ombe highway. An AmbaNews reporter who rushed to the scene identified at least three of the men: the first two are Ekema’s blood relations – his younger brother and cousin. The next is the former PAP Youth President for Mile 16, Mr. Anyi Eugene who’d decamped to CPDM and became a close confidante of Ekema before his demise. #AmbaNews


The Struggle Continues

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