AU grants Sudan military upto 60 days to hand over power to civilians

1 year ago

The African Union peace and security council has granted an additional period of up to sixty days, for the military in Sudan to hand over power to a civilian-led Transitional Authority

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The Struggle Continues

One thought on “AU grants Sudan military upto 60 days to hand over power to civilians”

  1. Keep postponing until Arabs take over one of African country Sudan. Till when African leaders will neglect their lands? Egypt once upon a time was a black Country belonged to Nubian. Mouritania was a black Country now it's indegunoius are discriminated and kicked out by Arabs. Now you're destroying and throwing away Sudan by listening to Egypt which is ranked no 1 in corruption and discrimination against its indegunoius black Nubian. Wake up Africa. The nation are struggling to take back their lands while you doing the exact opposite but you will undoubtedly regret. The turn is coming to you.
    The successive governments of Sudan are removing stateless Arabs such a tribe called Badoon from kwait to Sudan in order to fully arabize Sudanese.
    Syrians who were rejected by Arabs were massively brought into Sudan.
    Saudi Arabia payed billions to remove it's stateless tribe called Rashiada to the eastern Sudan, now theyre demanding independent.
    Jordan is removing thousands of Palestinian to Sudan because Jordan is already small.

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