1. Bro good talk and good plans. But I want to let you know that as long as we keep coming online and saying all these things without unity. I can asure you we are going nowhere. You will come and say your own. Akwanga comes out and preach his own. sako. John mbah. And the rest will come and talk. But at the end of the day where are we going. The simple truth is that pride has put all of you where we find ourselves today. Ayaba it will be nice if you can go on to organize your own unity Conference. Sako did it and it never worked so can do it this time. Thanks

  2. You can not achieve any of this if you keep thinking that you are the boss, you are the H E, etc
    And if you think you are fighting for a people, stop calling the Block by block thing and listen to others.
    The promises you're making today shows exactly what you're thinking.
    It's not time my friend! It's time to fight my friend.
    You keep proving every day that you're a power monger!!!!

  3. Dr Ayaba, thk you for the wonderful speech. If you can just continue the way you present this speech, not attacking any group or persons, and be ready to work together or even collaborate with other leaders, and recognize that they exist as we too recognize that you are one of our grest leaders , this struggle will move forward in a massive way. Please i beg of you in the name of God to try and collaborate with other leaders, and debunk what your spokesman Tapang Ivo said that, AGC can never work together or collaborate with the IG. Without collaborations we are going nowhere, we will just be like the children of Isreal who suffered in the desert for 40yrs, came very close to the promise Land, saw it but never entered bcuz, of their own stubbornness. We love you all our leaders and pray God gives you guys wisdom n strength to take us to Buea. God bless y'all our frontline leaders, God bless Ambazonia.

  4. Sir Lucas, I feel u in this speech, I pray God brings to all of you leaders to match in Union in diversity focusing on the the greater goal… God bless u 4 edification & the consciousness of the imperfection of everyone or groups…may all of u open a new page that will quicken our arrival to Buea…

  5. Miserable SOB… Calling for others people kids to go died while you’re comfortably seating in a warm mansion, with your whore, and your bastards. Why don’t you come here and fight for your freedom? No you’re too coward to do that. The only thing you have left is your stinky open grave you call mouth. Sir, you and your kinds are the one who have brought death, and despair to our people, make no mistake justice will come after you, and you’re going to pay the full price.

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