1. Good you talk about Ayuk Tabe S. Ones more in a long while. No currency as will be Another step for disorder!
    Apologies to the IG and the people and be an ordinary person, and be projected by the people back to leadership position base on your performance not by force!
    Be humble!!!
    We are watching!!!!!!!

  2. Why are u now calling sessekou all the time? U refused calling his name all along why now? U are deleted u thief. Oil dealer. Ayaba open up ur fb for pple to comment. U can't be a leader and block followers to comment. That shows ur type, foool

  3. Mr Ayaba Cho you must give us answers to the killings your bought over group did to our fighters in Batibo, including Gen Ivo whom you turn their minds to start fighting for you instead of Amba Land. Only for you to latter set him up to his dead. We are waiting for your apology like Tapang Ivo did. You don't make your self a leader the people do, as you submit your self to them. Dr Sako has proven his loyalty that's why the people respect and like him. You 've never respected Pres. Sisiku Ayuk nor recognise the IG now you try to mentioned their names because your crimes has been exposed and every one is turning away from you. Humble your self let the people raise you up not the other way around.

  4. Ayaba you can now call sesiko.s name as many times as you want. Bro the writing is clear on the wall. The same people you are calling now the same people you never recognized them even when they were arrested but today you can call their names more than 10 times in your show. Ayaba have you seen what pride can. You find yourself in mess today for one simple reason ayaba. Dirty pride bro. Any reasonable person can see the guilty from your face.

  5. Bro people are accusing you of collaboration with our killers and i dont think you have addressed the issue .secondly please let us know what and how general ivo was killed and whose forces commited the murders in guzang and batibo. We need answers to these questions because biya cannot be killing us and we are killing one another with your forces attacking other camps. This borders on treason and we Must get answers amd fast because even in Norway we can make you address this foolishness.

  6. Ayaba Cho sorry mr evil killer, for your name has been deleted from Ambazonia bcus you are Lrc period. We the people know what we want and we are standing with Dr Sako until H E Sisseko comes back by God's grace. We do not love Sako bcuz he is a saint, rather he has his own weaknesses but he bought us over with his humility and love for the people of Ambazonia. We the people know who love us and who wants to kill all of us like you. Bye bye ayaba Cho, we will never forget you for the way you killed our boys in batibo, took bribe from Chief Mukete and Atanga nji to kill all our figters and hand us over to our enemy Lrc.

  7. You have the blood of Ambazonians on your hands. Wash them off first before you can have the chance worthy enough to address the Ambazonians. Stop this pretence!! You don't have a conscience.. I don't care how much you call Pa Tasang and our Pres. Sisiku because you have never recognized nor respected them as our leaders until after one year of their illegal detentions.. You can never be trusted. You have always had too much pride to work together with any leader, even with the Sisiku you pretend now to care about.
    Shut up, you're so fake that you can't even hide it..
    Shame on you Mr. sell out!!!

  8. Thief,who sent you here,stop disturbing the hears of those who want peace,which pain,the one you inflicted on your own people because of self interest,it is too late Mr man,go an rest or find something doing for yourself,you have done more harm than good.an ambazonia no longer needs you

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