21 thoughts on “Ayaba Cho-I am a liberator , not a Governor. When we get to Buea, you shall decide your leaders”

  1. Arrogance and greed, ignorance and avarice, scamming…as a staunch supporter of the revolution, we have now channeled our energy towards stamping you out together with that petty criminal Tapang Ivo. Your education is the one you watch on tv, read a few words in the dictionary, and then come on YouTube shout it out like the illiterate school master we all know. You got poop in your ass to think that anyone in the international community would even invite you to come clean their floor! You come here and try out your ‘Grand philosophy’ each time but we are more educated than you and have evidence that you never acquired a doctorate degree. The last time you told the people after your greed-ridden scam in London that you gave interviews and audience to international news outlets, till date no has seen anything like that. The only thing you are good at is kidnapping for ransom. That’s not heroism it’s cowardice!

  2. The most repeated word in your speech here is 'trust in me'. You are really begging the people to trust you. It implies that you're aware that even your followers have started knowing who you are- a traitor, murderer, power and money minded. You killed your general Ivo. Cameroon didn't kill general Ivo. It's YOU AYABA C. There're irrefutable evidence that you killed him. Keep on fooling yourself that it's Cameroon that killed him. Only you could believe your lies. You wrongly think that you are wiser than everybody. But you're wrong. You are collaborating with Cameroon by killing innocent Ambazonians, other Amba fighters in a bid to be the only defence force at GZ. But you WILL NEVER SUCCEED. Your ADF boys will all be 'garrie'. Even you could be 'garrie' one day by your enemies. Almost everybody even the ancestors of Ambazonia are very angry with you. We now know who you are. You, Tapang Ivo and Capo Daniel are enemies and obstacles to this struggle. I think that you people have to leave the struggle or it will leave you.

  3. Shut up tif man u go explain what happened to many Amba fighters including Ivo , akwanga to go explain who send he for go kidnap Chatholic preist for ransum and close the church it's a very big shame how 2 of you are working so hard with Bya to destroy this revolution jusdas Iscariots

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