1. Bro what u said is really what's going on so hit the nail directly at the target…Ayaba Cho is a monster behind this Revolution…He has created different FB names n fake profile trying to conderm the IG but we the people will always stand behind the IG no matter their propaganda…B4 I forget,plz all the activist should try copy the style of John Mbah Akuru

  2. Anglophones are not stupid, you guys should stop this stupid and egocentric fights amongst you the so called frontliners.
    All Ambazonians need now is the way forward to Buea and if by any chance this fighting amongst you the so called frontliners affect or delay our plans for Buea then we the peoples of Ambazonia shall hold you all responsible for it.
    You should know all of you frontliners be it from which organisation or group are merely transitional and temporal leaders because upon arrival at Buea, your government and leadership shall only organise elections for the peoples of Ambazonia to elect their legitimate leaders.

    You all be careful because this fight is spiritual and God has decided to liberate us from la republic but if you guys think it's a child's play then you shall see the spirit behind our people's strike you all one by one.

  3. Anglophones are not stupid, ground zero understands all the fighting in the diaspora and the reason for it. You guys better seat up right as you all drop off your selfish and greedy approaches.

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