3 thoughts on “Ayaba Cho is responsible for the killings in Fako and Batibo”

  1. Who ever knows this man who calls himself Dr. Cho Aya should tell him this.

    1) This man is not a "Dr." he is using false title. Therefore, he is a fraud.

    2) He did not complete university in Cameroon. I believe he was dismissed from the university of Buea. He does not have any degree.

    3) He went overseas and did not attend any school. If he got a PhD, let him send us the certificates and university and it is easy to request his transcript.

    4) He has been fooling around while overseas until he attached himself to the Ambazonia struggle.

    4) This man is a fraud.

    I am in support of the struggle but I cannot stand such uneducated frauds. If they start lying to us now and what happen later if they have power?

    Another person with dangerous ambition is Boh Herbert of MORISC. He is so ambitious to rule Ambazonia that he wants his organization to take over the IG. Does he have a God-given right to rule Ambazonia? Who elected him leader of the IG? Let him contribute in his own way but why create discord within the IG?

  2. Ayaba Cho is not the main problem he is an individual who wants the struggle to succeed by all means, the main problem is the IG, they should unite and ayaba cho is not the cause of the division in the IG, you people in the IG should unite and all this will stop, support the united front formed by the forces on ground zero and all this will stop permit unity in diversity, let the groups bear their different names yet fighting for one purpose, dont try to take away their identity and affiliations they can still operate as ADF,SOCADEF etc and yet back up each other when need arises stop castigating this guy who was there before you came,stop the propaganda.

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