20 thoughts on “Ayaba Cho Lucas has a message for Ambazonians We have won and we are already there”

  1. The facts that you brought about this so call individuals who in spite of all LRC did to us, they still don't have the gods to think we can be a country of our own. War be tight them with shithol thinking of still wanting us to remain in a union call federalism. God forbid this to ever and ever happen again. How can this gentle men Cardinal Tumi Dr. Simon Munzu and the rest with all th-eir senses intact, are unable to see the hand writing on the wall that the Biya regime can't speak peace with the Southern Cameroonians, talk less of accepting a true Federal Gov't?. Dr Fontemm's passport handed back to him with conditions to come overseas with Dr Munzu and Barrister Balla just to make sure they convince us to accept their choice of a Federal Gov't with the devil Paul Biya who never respect terms of any document. What is wrong with some of us human being?. Paul Biya who has just in a few days of his fake elections signed a new decree shorting down GCE Board and changing the name to cooperation to be headed by a presidential decree members. This are new signs to prove his bad faith against us in the days ahead. Yet this our f-athers and men of God can't see the danger of federalism with LRC.

  2. Mr be strong , the power of nature says divided we fault (God says) , I will urge all of u people to go under one group for now which is going to show our political maturity to the international community , so that our independence will come fast as possible after that we the ambalanders can then decide on what to do next , bcs u people are making this independence to be slow , remember u all have been making leaders , and destroy them again which that shows the international community that, u people are still not mature enough to be an independent country , I thing the IG has make a lot of diplomatic steps for this struggle which is important same as u in the defense side , so I thing we should all fall under the IG and gain independence first after we can all site down and iron things in our amba ways , take care, if we fall, know that all of u people will explain to us in GZ,

  3. Ayaba Cho, like I have commented on other multiple platforms, I truly believe that you have the right readymade skills set for this revolutionary struggle. And, you haven't disappointed after listening to your YouTube video today.  I have often wondered how incredibly naïve and shortsighted the frontline leaders could have been, not to recognize this skill sets of yours from the very onset. Which could have led to putting the skills set strategically to work for the entire Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, rather than marginally through ADF. I think we would be in Buea or very close by now, had that been the case. Just as I have mentioned on other platforms, Saints don't usually win revolutionary struggles; tenacious street-smart warriors with brains do – sir, you are one of a kind. Even as your distractors try to sideline you, you have managed to give this struggle a backbone. I am glad to see that you haven't let the manipulators dampen your resolve to seeing a successful outcome of this liberation struggle.  May God bless and continue to guide you.

  4. Kmer economy is crumbling wit 4,5% growth 😂😂😂😂 Ayaba. Keep liying to the morron listen to u. The only thing u ambazozo have succeded to do is distroying the livelihood of ur people. Go check inflation in those zones n compare it to the rest of the country

    Dr. Cho you make me laugh " i will prefer that old DIEING PAUL BIYA to hang on Power for some while, at least 10years. Untill Ambazonia is FREE. I think you are right.

  6. Well said sir Ayaba cho, my worry is the fact that everyone is against u, if I may ask or add, (pls all of u who are the brains into our freedom & a complete Independence of our country), should just tolerate each other into very positive criticism that will shorten our route to dis very dear freedom that we seek…I love ur strategies but could u just merge with others for effective realization of goals? May God help us all to be one in "our project" as one lawyer mentioned!!!!

  7. Sir, I see a lot of parallels between your thinking/modus operandies and Paul Biya. You sound as though disagreeing with u is equivalent to being a traitor. How dare u call Barrister agbor a traitor. So if Mancho Bibixy is a federalist u will regard him as a traitor? Tame your tone. You are not the only son of that soil nor are u the only person that has suffered LRC Insurgency.
    That being said I can't support u as a leader, because your hatred for LRC/Paul Biya is superior to your love for AMBALAND.

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