AYABA CHO-Trust in my judgement, and Ambazonia will be ours to keep

4 months ago

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A conference is not a federation nor independence. If we as Ambazonians can’t sit in one room and talk how can we be expecting dialogue when it will still require the same people to talk with. Even if this massacre goes on for how long las las it will still require a dialogue team. Why not start it now except you tell me that we have the might to bundle la republic out. After all federalist and independentist will still live together then why should the majority independentist be scared of few federalist?


The Struggle Continues

23 thoughts on “AYABA CHO-Trust in my judgement, and Ambazonia will be ours to keep”

  1. What a jerk! You have the judgment of a cow! I would love Joseph Kony to be my president to you! Same old shit from a high school graduate who dreams of being called a Doctor!!

  2. Mr ool by oil, and killer of our fighters Ayaba Cho you havenever wanted united. All you want is to be on top or nothing Ayaba Cho. You can't call other genuine freedom fighters of Ambazonia enablers just bcuz, you're not the organizer of the conference, and then turn behind them ,organize your own conference and are inviting the same so call enablers to attend. Who are you fooling,yaa self or Ambazonians bcuz, we already know how snaky you're as Dr Akwanga right described you in his recent communique.

  3. Ayaba Cho how can you declare contenderhood on the ground when you have killed all our fighters in GZ? Who will fight for you to make Ambazonians a contender when you're bend on sacrificing them to lrc as you did with Gen Ivo?

  4. No amount of insult will give freedom. No one is perfect. If you make a mistake you have every right to correct it. All those who are throwing insults, if you don't have a plan sit quiet. How much of your insults has made biya regime to remove his military and stopped killing innocent civilians who don't have weapon. Military should fight arm people not burnt the houses of armless civilians. So I suggest people should stop insulting Dr Ayaba Cho and support this course for independence by all means under Geneva convention. So stop all this insults. You should be insulting LA republic of Cameroon who is slaughtering innocent armless young men women and children with impunity. Thank you

  5. He has his faults like any of us. But, my God he is a born LEADER . A TRUE fighter; committed to the course of our collective FREEDOM . I wish, I had listen to my instincts before!

  6. Bro, with all these many ideas of sanity, why can't u just join the others in purpose and stop calling some of our own enablers on ground that they suggest to come together to fix most of the confusing versions of the revolution( especially from different Frontline leaders who claimed must be on top of the others before we're free)? "Wisdom teaches that, most times we need to listen to others to be able to pass on our own messages to them". My dad once told me to be humble even when I feel I'm right so that I will be lifted above them that accuse me falsely! "Leaders don't impose, they act in accordance to what benefits the majority not just the few best or preferred"… I'm NABOTA; AMBABOYS from birth.

  7. Ayaba Cho did you listen to yourself as you speak? You were the first who denied collaboration/ unity or what you call now "sit in one room and talk". And now you are ranting as you call for unity, shame to you.

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