1. U better shut off that ur dirty mouth u this prostitute, we are in a revolution Ayaba supposed to replace Ivo. Prostitute u think we are in a love affair here?. U better shut off that smelling button.

  2. Who is this bitch making noise here? So you are addressing a dead Hero. You are so stupid and confused that you don't more know the difference between a dick and a human arm. Just shut the fuck up. And to you the other confused guy be very careful with what you say and your actions. You people can't stop this revolution with your fingers pointing and useless words.

  3. Ivo was a fool. He was used to try to bring down the IG and the struggle. Listen to his speeches. Instead of focusing on fighting La Republique, he spent most of his time repetiting talking points from the criminal gang- the AGC. He may have started as a good fighter but greed and tribalism overtook him.The purpose of his mission was to capture the Southern Zone for his tribal gang- the AGC and ADF.

    He never died in a battle. He died like a little chicken with no resistance. He is no hero. The real heros are the ones he and his gang are accused of killing. He is going straight to hell.

  4. Go get a job stupid girl.
    Leave us Dr Cho Ayaba alone.Agents of devils.
    You all should be ashame of yourselves for selling this struggle to la repubique by acting as their agent to sabotage Dr Ayaba cho whom we all known has sacrificed his entire life in this struggles for the past 30.yrs.
    Dr Ayaba we will remain with you for life despite all the sabotage from IG and his la repubique counterparts.
    Dr Ayaba stay strong we know the truth and we Ambazonians are behind you.
    Papa God bless you for your endless sacrifices you are making in this struggle.

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