Ayaba Explains his own side of the London saga

7 months ago

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Free southern Cameroon, Free Ambazonia, Let the people go. we bring you latest news from ground ZERO. Genocide is happening in Southern Cameroon ( Ambazonia ) and the world is silent about it. We cant take it any more, The world must see what is happening in my country. AMBAZONIA oyehhhhh……..


The Struggle Continues

8 thoughts on “Ayaba Explains his own side of the London saga”

  1. Ayaba, remember the blood of the innocents are crying for vengence. You may be destroyed if you are a cameleon and hypocite to this struggle. NB : SAKO is our IG President not you. Enough of you. Do you see those blood? Stoping the struggle by collaborating with Atanga nji?

  2. Dr Ayaba please , please Dr Ayaba , you are a good speaker , a very good orator , I'm one of those who had always admired your manner of talking , your manner of approach and I have always recommended my relatives and friends to understand that you're quite knowledgeable and have the potentials to be the leader of this revolution . Take note the opposition in LRC has always failed and will always fail because of disunity . I'm or to say the least I was a STUNCH CPDM cos I only detested the disunity in the opposition not cos I had real support for the dictatorship of the CPDM . Dr Ayaba and Tapang Ivo you guys should go back to the drawing table . Its really a shame and sham for you to come out and make this high sounding speech full of nothing but real dictatorship of the first order . NO SIR you have to remake this speech to convince Ambalanders of who that gentleman was who called you to London , in what capacity did he call you ? Did he work in collaboration with Ambalanders based in the UK ? Did you inform the IG and other leaders of the revolution ? What makes you feel that you're so powerful not to be threatened ? It hasn't come to that ; You need to humble yourself and clearly and genuinely express your facts . You're too big in the brain to be talking in such a sarcastic manner . Speak the truth quietly , wisely , briefly honest and humbly without flirring up . The Ayaba I know is the best orator of this revolution but this one who spoke lacked the sense of purpose and sense if convincing me who is AMONG THE FIRST TEN OF YOUR SUPPORTERS . I need more explanation to disprove those who are doubting you cos I'm dumbfounded . Tell us again what was behind the London trip ? Give clear evidences linked to the other motives that took you there no matter how confidential it was , now it must come out to clear the air . One last thing Sir , what is your present working condition with the IG just few weeks after the US cometogether . There is NO ONE MAN SHOW IN THIS REVOLUTION !!! Right is right no matter who does it and wrong is wrong no matter who does it . I am just thinking aloud from ground Zero .

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